Zombie Novel Collection - Various
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Zombie Novel Collection - Various

Written by Various
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Language: English

Ultimate (almost) Zombie Novel Collection

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Single Books Zombies for Zombies_ Advice and Etiquett - David Murphy.epub 13.86 MBs
Single Books The Zombie Survival Guide_ Recorded Atta - Max Brooks.epub 10.87 MBs
Single Books The Undead That Saved Christmas - Lyle Perez-Tinics.epub 4.6 MBs
Day by Day Armageddon Day by Day Armageddon - J. L. Bourne.epub 3.51 MBs
Anthologies Bits of the Dead_ A Zombie Anthology - Anthology.epub 3.11 MBs
Benny Imura Series Rot & Ruin - Jonathan Maberry.epub 2.82 MBs
Day by Day Armageddon Beyond Exile - J. L. Bourne.epub 2.26 MBs
Single Books Dr Dale's Zombie Dictionary_ The A-Z Gui - Dale Seslick.epub 2.21 MBs
Living Dead Love Stories Series Zombies Don't Cry - Rusty Fischer.epub 2.16 MBs
Single Books Z - Michael Thomas Ford.epub 1.99 MBs
Single Books The Return Man - V. M. Zito.epub 1.27 MBs
The Undertakers Series Rise of the Corpses - Ty Drago.epub 1.18 MBs
Infected Series- Sigler Infected - Scott Sigler.epub 1.12 MBs
Dying to Live Series Dying to Live - Kim Paffenroth.epub 1.1 MBs
Living with the Dead Series Married With Zombies - Jesse Petersen.epub 1012.88 KBs
Single Books It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombie - Michael P. Spradlin.epub 999.61 KBs
Single Books The Emerald Burrito of Oz - John Skipp.epub 995.58 KBs
Single Books The Gospel of the Living Dead - Kim Paffenroth.epub 949.14 KBs
Anthologies Zombies_ Encounters With the Hungry Dead - John Skipp.epub 943.63 KBs
The Infection Series The Killing Floor - Craig Dilouie.epub 936.53 KBs
Matt Richter Series The Nekropolis Archives - Tim Waggoner.epub 872.27 KBs
Single Books Rise Again - Ben Tripp.epub 842.84 KBs
Hater Trilogy Dog Blood - David Moody.epub 832.52 KBs
Anthologies The Undead - D. L. Snell.epub 830.82 KBs
Morningstar Strain Series Plague of the Dead - Z. A. Recht.epub 797.41 KBs
Single Books Best New Zombie Tales Trilogy (Vol. 1, 2 - James Roy Daley.epub 758.09 KBs
Single Books Dorothy_ The Darker Side of Oz - Scott Stanford.epub 749.28 KBs
Anthologies The Living Dead 2 - John Joseph Adams.epub 694.21 KBs
Single Books Dead of Night - Jonathan Maberry.epub 689.79 KBs
Newsflesh Trilogy Deadline - Mira Grant.epub 668.31 KBs
Single Books Resurrection - Tim Curran.epub 613.56 KBs
Anthologies The Living Dead - John Joseph Adams.epub 597.96 KBs
Benny Imura Series Dust & Decay - Jonathan Maberry.epub 587.92 KBs
Single Books The Last Mailman_ Neither Rain, Nor Slee - Kevin J. Burke.epub 586.08 KBs
White Trash Zombie My Life as a White Trash Zombie - Diana Rowland.epub 578.45 KBs
Single Books The Zombie Wilson Diaries - Timothy W. Long.epub 574.95 KBs
Single Books Handling the Undead - John Ajvide Lindqvist.epub 574.76 KBs
Single Books Breathers - S. G. Browne.epub 566.15 KBs
Single Books The Wanderers - Carlos Sisi.epub 558.4 KBs
Single Books Zombies vs. Unicorns - Holly Black.epub 533.57 KBs
Single Books Among the Living - Timothy Long.epub 532.51 KBs
Morningstar Strain Series Thunder and Ashes - Z. A. Recht.epub 522.2 KBs
Ex-Heroes Series Ex-Patriots - Peter Clines.epub 507.69 KBs
As The World Dies Siege - Rhiannon Frater.epub 506.63 KBs
Anthologies Holiday of the Dead - David Dunwoody.epub 505.49 KBs
Single Books Rotter World - Scott M. Baker.epub 505.33 KBs
Single Books The Jakarta Pandemic - Steven Konkoly.epub 504.37 KBs
Clockwork Century Series Boneshaker - Cherie Priest.epub 493.71 KBs
Single Books Necrophobia #1 - Jack Hamlyn.epub 490.3 KBs
Single Books Zombies!!!_ A Complete Biography of 14 o - Zombie Slayer.epub 489.19 KBs
Anthologies The Mammoth Book of Zombies - Stephen Jones.epub 482.94 KBs
Autumn Series Autumn - David Moody.epub 479.79 KBs
Single Books On the Third Day - Rhys Thomas.epub 472.97 KBs
White Flag of the Dead Dead Surge - Joseph Talluto.epub 469.29 KBs
Autumn Series Autumn 5_ Disintegration - David Moody.epub 451.18 KBs
Zombie World Order The Lazarus Law - P. J. Kelley.epub 449.11 KBs
Single Books Torment - a Novel of Dark Horror - Jeremy Bishop.epub 445.59 KBs
Dead World Series Apocalypse of the Dead - Joe McKinney.epub 422.75 KBs
Autumn Series Autumn_ Aftermath - David Moody.epub 418.96 KBs
Single Books The Dishonored Dead - Robert Swartwood.epub 411.05 KBs
Dead World Series Flesh Eaters - Joe McKinney.epub 409.8 KBs
Single Books World War Z_ An Oral History of the Zomb - Max Brooks.epub 408.54 KBs
Newsflesh Trilogy Feed - Mira Grant.epub 404.5 KBs
The Zombie Chronicles Series The Zombie Chronicles 2_ Discovery - Mark Clodi.epub 396.72 KBs
The Zombie Chronicles Series About a Woman, a Zombie Chronicles Novel - Mark Clodi.epub 392.23 KBs
Anthologies Pray to Stay Dead - Mason James Cole.epub 387.91 KBs
Single Books Dead Island - Mark Morris.epub 382.9 KBs
Single Books The Zombie Chronicles_ An Undead Antholo - John Savoie.epub 377.69 KBs
Single Books Bovicide, Zombie Diaries, and the Legend - Stephen Bills.epub 377.46 KBs
Joe Ledger Series Patient Zero - Jonathan Maberry.epub 376.3 KBs
Infected Series- Sigler Contagious - Scott Sigler.epub 376.16 KBs
The Infection Series The Infection - Craig Dilouie.epub 376.04 KBs
Jeremy's Choice Series The Peeling_ Book 1 - Iain Rob Wright.epub 374.14 KBs
Dying to Live Series Dying to Live_ Last Rites - Kim Paffenroth.epub 372.1 KBs
Single Books Zone One_ A Novel - Colson Whitehead.epub 372.04 KBs
Hater Trilogy Them or Us - David Moody.epub 368.92 KBs
Single Books The Walking Dead_ Rise of the Governor - Robert Kirkman.epub 367.86 KBs
Single Books Domain of the Dead - Iain McKinnon.epub 364.33 KBs
Snareville Series Snareville II_ Circles - David Youngquist.epub 364.3 KBs
Single Books One - Conrad Williams.epub 360.54 KBs
Single Books Valley of Death, Zombie Trailerpark - William Bebb.epub 358.79 KBs
Single Books Bones_ The Complete Apocalypse Trilogy - Mark Wheaton.epub 357.47 KBs
Tomes of the Dead Series Double Dead - Chuck Wendig.epub 354.74 KBs
Pride&Zombies Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Jane Austen.epub 351.37 KBs
The Zombie Chronicles Series The Zombie Chronicles 3_ Ascension - Mark Clodi.epub 348.63 KBs
Single Books Zombie Pulp - Tim Curran.epub 347.61 KBs
Single Books Into Hell - James Roy Daley.epub 334.04 KBs
Single Books A New World_ Chaos - John O'Brien.epub 333.05 KBs
Down the Road Down the Road_ The Fall of Austin - Bowie V. Ibarra.epub 330.81 KBs
Single Books The Shuffling Dead Box-Set - Ian Woodhead.epub 329.64 KBs
Anthologies Book of the Dead - John M. Skipp.epub 324.27 KBs
As The World Dies Fighting to Survive - Rhiannon Frater.epub 322.83 KBs
Single Books Tooth and Nail - Craig Dilouie.epub 321.34 KBs
Single Books The Living End - James Robert Smith.epub 321.06 KBs
Jenny Pox Series Jenny Pox - J. L. Bryan.epub 316.77 KBs
Autumn Series Purification - David Moody.epub 316.43 KBs
The Zombie Chronicles Series Undead Advantage, a Zombie Chronicles No - Mark Clodi.epub 315.63 KBs
The Zombie Chronicles Series Collapse, Tales of the Zombie Chronicles - Mark Clodi.epub 309.99 KBs
Single Books Voyage of the Dead - Book One Sovereign - David Forsyth.epub 303.95 KBs
Monster Zombie Series Monster Island - David Wellington.epub 303.48 KBs
Down the Road Down the Road_ A Zombie Horror Story - Bowie V. Ibarra.epub 302.77 KBs
Single Books Cold Faith and Zombies - Sean Thomas Fisher.epub 301.33 KBs
Single Books Z1N1_ The Zombie Pandemic_ 2012 Was Just - Mitchell Layne Cook.epub 300.05 KBs
White Flag of the Dead United States of the Dead - Joseph Talluto.epub 299.79 KBs
Single Books The Undead That Saved Christmas Vol. 2 - Lyle Perez-Tinics.epub 297.86 KBs
Single Books Zombie Zone Zero - Robert Knight.epub 297.76 KBs
Anthologies Deadcore_ 4 Hardcore Zombie Novellas - Edward M. Erdelac, et al_.epub 295.78 KBs
Autumn Series The City - David Moody.epub 292.37 KBs
Undead Nation Series Undead Nation_ Outbreak - Brent Acuff.epub 292.02 KBs
Down the Road Down the Road_ On the Last Day - Bowie V. Ibarra.epub 290.36 KBs
Revivors Series State of Decay - James Knapp.epub 289.3 KBs
The Apocalypse Trilogy When Graveyards Yawn - G. Wells Taylor.epub 288.75 KBs
Flu Series Flu - Wayne Simmons.epub 284.25 KBs
White Flag of the Dead Taking It Back - Joseph Talluto.epub 281.79 KBs
White Flag of the Dead White Flag of the Dead - Joseph Talluto.epub 279.58 KBs
Earth Cleansing Series The Chosen One - Kenneth E. Baker.epub 278.21 KBs
Anthologies Best New Zombie [3] - Best New Zombie Ta - Anthology.epub 275.71 KBs
The Rising Series The Rising - Brian Keene.epub 273.24 KBs
Single Books Skin Trade - Tonia Brown.epub 272.11 KBs
Ex-Heroes Series Ex-Heroes - Peter Clines.epub 271.25 KBs
Single Books The Demon Dead - Arthur M. Wyatt.epub 271.11 KBs
Single Books The Adventures of Holly Weird, Zombie Sl - Nick Pawluk.epub 270.88 KBs
Single Books Sunrise - Kody Boye.epub 264.97 KBs
Single Books Stay Dead_ A Novel - Steve Wands.epub 263.3 KBs
White Flag of the Dead America the Dead - Joseph Talluto.epub 262.22 KBs
Monster Zombie Series Monster Planet - David Wellington.epub 259.85 KBs
Single Books The Variant Effect - G. Wells Taylor.epub 259.02 KBs
The Zombie Chronicles Series The Zombie Chronicles_ Outbreak - Mark Clodi.epub 258.83 KBs
As The World Dies The First Days - Rhiannon Frater.epub 257.84 KBs
Single Books Zombie Fight Night_ Battles of the Dead - A. P. Fuchs.epub 256.34 KBs
Dead World Series Dead City - Joe McKinney.epub 251.94 KBs
Anthologies Dead Science - Jason Shayer.epub 249.53 KBs
Reign of the Dead Series Reign of the Dead - Len Barnhart.epub 248.57 KBs
Monster Zombie Series Monster Nation - David Wellington.epub 247.87 KBs
Single Books Night of the Living Dead - Christopher Andrews.epub 247.84 KBs
Single Books Dead Beat - Remy Porter.epub 247.19 KBs
Single Books Year of the Dead - Jack J. Lee.epub 245.92 KBs
Anthologies CODE Z _ An Undead Hospital Anthology - Eric S Brown.epub 244.74 KBs
Snareville Series Snareville - David Youngquist.epub 244.27 KBs
Autumn Series The Human Condition - David Moody.epub 242.25 KBs
Single Books Quarantined - Joe McKinney.epub 240.75 KBs
Bloodscream Series Zombie Eyes - Robert W. Walker.epub 238.95 KBs
Dying to Live Series Dying to Live 2_ Life Sentence - Kim Paffenroth.epub 238.06 KBs
Single Books I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It - Adam Selzer.epub 237.48 KBs
Single Books Praise the Dead - Gina Ranalli.epub 235.01 KBs
Single Books The Dead Rise_ A Novel of the Zombie Apo - David Thompson.epub 232.75 KBs
Single Books Zombie Mage - Jonathan J. Drake.epub 226.96 KBs
Zombie Dawn Trilogy Zombie Dawn Apocalypse - Michael G. Thomas.epub 224.21 KBs
Single Books Plague Zone - David Wellington.epub 221.33 KBs
Single Books The Lost Graveyard - David Thomas.epub 219.99 KBs
Reign of the Dead Series Apocalypse End - Len Barnhart.epub 218.98 KBs
Single Books Zombie Writing! - Armand Rosamilia.epub 217.2 KBs
Anthologies Zombie Zoology_ An Unnatural History - Tim Curran.epub 214.63 KBs
Single Books Hollowland - Amanda Hocking.epub 213.15 KBs
Zombie Dawn Trilogy Zombie Dawn Outbreak - Michael G. Thomas.epub 206.9 KBs
Zombie Dawn Trilogy Zombie Dawn Exodus - Michael G. Thomas.epub 205.2 KBs
Single Books Alice in Deadland - Mainak Dhar.epub 201.99 KBs
Single Books Zombiestan - Mainak Dhar.epub 200.73 KBs
Single Books In the Dead_ Volume 1 - Jesse Petersen.epub 199.46 KBs
Single Books The Zombie Survival Guide_ Complete Prot - Max Brooks.epub 198.15 KBs
Deadlocked Series Deadlocked 4 - A. R. Wise.epub 198.1 KBs
As The World Dies As the World Dies_ Untold Tales - Rhiannon Frater.epub 197.55 KBs
Hater Trilogy Hater - David Moody.epub 196.35 KBs
Single Books Brains A Zombie Memoir - Becker.epub 194.98 KBs
Single Books A Zombie for the Holidays - Ian Desabrais.epub 193 KBs
Undead Nation Series Undead Nation_ Rescue - Brent Acuff.epub 190.24 KBs
The Zombie Diaries Series Dead Again - George Magnum.epub 187.92 KBs
Single Books Zombie Mashup - Robert Devereaux.epub 187.22 KBs
Single Books Night of the Nazi Zombies - Michael G. Thomas.epub 186.21 KBs
Single Books Paradise Lost_ Tales of the Dead Tropics - Sue Edgerley.epub 184.65 KBs
Deadlocked Series Deadlocked 3 - A. R. Wise.epub 183.84 KBs
Single Books The Weaponer (Coscom Entertainment Monst - Eric S. Brown.epub 183.35 KBs
The Zombie Chronicles Series Billions, Tales of the Zombie Chronicles - Mark Clodi.epub 181.77 KBs
Single Books Necropolis Rising - Dave Jeffery.epub 176.34 KBs
Single Books Zombies Don't Celebrate - Rusty Fischer.epub 173.56 KBs
Single Books Zombies Don't Carve_ A FREE Holiday Zomb - Rusty Fischer.epub 173.23 KBs
Single Books A Zombie Christmas Carol - Michael G. Thomas.epub 171.69 KBs
Single Books The Zombies of Hobbiton_ A Martian Love - Edward W. Robertson.epub 166.33 KBs
Empire Series Empire_ A Zombie Novel - David Dunwoody.epub 163.21 KBs
Single Books The Becoming_ Brothers in Arms - Jessica Meigs.epub 158.69 KBs
Deadlocked Series Deadlocked 2 - A. R. Wise.epub 156.32 KBs
Anthologies A Feast of Flesh_ Tales of Zombies, Mons - Aaron Polson.epub 154.32 KBs
Single Books Rabid - J. W. Bouchard.epub 151.56 KBs
Single Books Zombies at the Bar Mitzvah - Michael Homler.epub 146.63 KBs
Single Books Hunger - Aonghus Fallon.epub 145.05 KBs
Single Books The Magic of Christmas - Rebecca Besser.epub 144.29 KBs
Single Books Orpheus and the Pearl & Nevermore - Kim Paffenroth.epub 144.13 KBs
Single Books The Apocalypse Blog Book 0_ Before the E - Melanie Edmonds.epub 143.62 KBs
Single Books Kill-Basa_ New Flavors in Zombie Horror - Sean Graham.epub 137.77 KBs
Single Books The Resurrected -- Part One - Megan Hart.epub 135.39 KBs
Single Books Dead and Rising - Gilbert Mallory.epub 135.35 KBs
Single Books Die Already - Kipp Poe Speicher.epub 133.89 KBs
Single Books Zombies Eat Lawyers - Kevin Michael.epub 130.37 KBs
Single Books Dna_ Code Flesh - Alan Dale.epub 127.93 KBs
Single Books Valhalla Unleashed - Garry Charles.epub 124.65 KBs
Single Books Rednecks Who Shoot Zombies on the Next G - Marc Paoletti.epub 123.76 KBs
Single Books The Chip-Head Apocalypse - Richard McManus.epub 123.01 KBs
Single Books The Coalition_ Part 1 The State of Extin - Robert Mathis Kurtz.epub 122.08 KBs
Single Books Dead Lands_ Pass the Ammunition - Aaron Polson.epub 121.21 KBs
Anthologies Christmas With the Dead - Joe R. Lansdale.epub 120.58 KBs
Single Books Last Stand in a Dead Land - Eric S. Brown.epub 118.81 KBs
Single Books De Bello Lemures, or the Roman War Again - Lucius Artorius Castus.epub 118.31 KBs
Single Books Zombie Killa - Jason Z. Christie.epub 117.1 KBs
Single Books Dead World - Shaun Jeffrey.epub 116.86 KBs
Single Books A Thing for Zombies - Saul Tanpepper.epub 114.28 KBs
Single Books The Wind Through the Fence - Jonathan Maberry.epub 106.39 KBs
Single Books Hell Comes for the Hurried - Steve Wands.epub 105.93 KBs
Single Books LZR-1143_ Perspectives (Zombie Short Sto - Bryan James.epub 103.15 KBs
Undead Nation Series Undead Nation - Brent Acuff.epub 98.01 KBs
Single Books Zombie Tales_ Primrose Court Apt. 502 - Robert Decoteau.epub 97.3 KBs
Anthologies 30 Minute Plan - Gerald Rice.epub 96.16 KBs
Single Books Zombie Nights - Tom Lichtenberg.epub 95.89 KBs
Single Books I Love You Baby - Kevin Pinckney.epub 95.77 KBs
Single Books Stay Dead_ The Stranger & Tunnel Rats - Steve Wands.epub 94.63 KBs
Elements of the Undead Air - William Esmont.epub 94.56 KBs
Single Books The Zombie Workout - Trevor Smith.epub 93.6 KBs
Single Books Circus of the Dead - Seth Blackburn.epub 89.88 KBs
Deadlocked Series Deadlocked - A. R. Wise.epub 89.36 KBs
Single Books Zombie Tales_ Primrose Court Apt. 305 - Robert Decoteau.epub 89.22 KBs
Dead[ish] DEAD[ish] - Naomi Kramer.epub 83.52 KBs
Single Books The Survivor - Ursula K Raphael.epub 79.85 KBs
Single Books In the Land of the Blind_ A Zombie Story - Robert Swartwood.epub 77.25 KBs
Single Books Zombies II_ Inhuman - Eric S. Brown.epub 76.41 KBs
Single Books The Heist - Devin Hobbes.epub 73.96 KBs
Single Books The Quick and the Undead - Philip Hansen.epub 72.4 KBs
Single Books Zombie Tales_ Primrose Court Apt. 205 - Robert Decoteau.epub 72.03 KBs
Single Books Haven_ Life Goes On - Jeff Ping.epub 69.41 KBs
Single Books Stay Dead_ A Day With the Dead [NOOK Boo - Steve Wands.epub 65.36 KBs
Single Books Jailbreak - Steven W. Booth.epub 64.68 KBs
Single Books An Axe to Grind - Hope Sullivan McMickle.epub 60.51 KBs
Single Books The Mountain and the City - Brian Martinez.epub 49.57 KBs
Single Books Zomboro Virus - Brenda Dyer.epub 48.33 KBs
Single Books Haven_ The Beginning - Jeff Ping.epub 41.23 KBs
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3 Responses to “Zombie Novel Collection - Various”

  1. #1 CrazyGamerChic Says:

    Wow! I love zombie stories and this collection has a lot of the really good zombie novels that are popular now. Thanks for this collection, I love it!

  2. #2 Carolina_H1tman Says:

    I’m a zombie fanatic. A lot of these I have been searching for forever. Thanx!!!!!!

  3. #3 Mike Webster Says:

    Great collection - You’ll especially enjoy The Lost Graveyard by Thomas and Zombie Mage by Drake. Both are well written and unusual with really dark, compelling atmospheres.

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