Worlds of the Crystal Moon: The Tear of Gramal - Phillip E. Jones
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The Tear of Gramal  - Phillip E. Jones

Written by Phillip E. Jones
Format(s): PDF
Language: English

Publication Date: December 10, 2012 | Series: Worlds of the Crystal Moon (Book 3)
Bloodlines Feud
A New Hell Opens
Identities Revealed

With the gods still bidding for the prayers of mortal beings, the tension is higher than ever on the worlds governed by the Crystal Moon.

Fellow soul ... allow me to take you on a perilous journey across the frozen lands of Northern Grayham. Bloodlines will feud. A new Hell will open, and ancient identities will be revealed as I move forward with the telling of another tale. But I feel the moments necessary to tell this story are few. Many events have transpired since last we left the Worlds of the Crystal Moon. The tension between the gods has magnified, and the stake of division has been driven deeper into Ancients Sovereign.

With Shalee trapped inside the Eye of Magic, a new identity awaits the queen as the gods segregate Dragonia to create a new Hell. Meanwhile, Sam longs for his queen's return a longing that may never be satisfied. The king has no idea that he is about to flee to an unexpected destination, and while on this journey, the demon shackled within the deepest shadows of Sam's mind could break free of its bonds.

As George travels to Eastern Luvelles in search of the wood elves, Lasidious prepares to betray his pet creation. The Mischievous One's eyes are fixated on baby Garrin the god-child whose birth broke the most sacred law inside the Book of Immortality's pages.

As the moments fly by, Mosley, the strong and lovable night terror wolf will suffer. The wolf has been captured and thrown into the frozen dungeons beneath the frigid lands of Northern Grayham. With the tension between the Isorian and the Tormalian people building, war is inevitable, and the Tear of Gramal a blood-red crystal filled with immense power will be both the catalyst and ironically, the only object that can stop the destruction.

Fellow soul ... I'm struggling to see beyond the despair. Help me find hope as I take you back to the chaos that exists on the Worlds of the Crystal Moon.

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