Vamping With Jayne - Cooper McKenzie
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Vamping With Jayne - Cooper McKenzie

Written by Cooper McKenzie
Series: Vamping With Jayne
Format(s): PDF
Language: English

**01 Love Reincarnate
When vampire Donovan Richards walks into the restaurant where Jayne Peters works, it brings back memories. Not her own, but the from her great grandmother, Charlotte Bowen Harper who had had a passionate affair with Donovan eighty years. Jayne's nonexistent sex drive kicks into high gear as Charlotte's memories influence an instant lust for the 500-year-old vampire.
Donovan, intrigued by the woman who is a twin for his former lover, invites Jayne to a charity Halloween party he is hosting. Jayne agrees and arrives at the costume party in Charlotte's favorite flapper dress, a dress Donovan had bought her.
Will Jayne's hunger for Donovan combined with Charlotte's memories drive her to pick up where Charlotte left off?

**02 Love Bite
When Donovan Richards wants to talk, Jayne Peters isn't sure if she should fear for her life or just her heart. Though she tries to distract him, he demands she quit her job so he can take care of her. As an independent woman, Jayne feels she must work for her living, just like any man does.
Unexpectedly Jayne finds herself unemployed with no money and a stack of bills to pay. Can she give up her 21st century independence and let Donovan take care of her?

**03 Love Choice
Loving a vampire comes easy for Jayne Peters. Working for that same vampire is more difficult, but she finds that teasing and treating him with sex gets the work accomplished faster. Problem is, she is so in love and so attuned that her body sometimes betrays her.
Donovan loves Jayne as he has loved no other woman for 500 years, including Charlotte, Jayne's great-grandmother. After a sex-filled helicopter flight to Cherokee, North Carolina, Donovan proposes, before Jayne collapse with another migraine. His friend Sebastian is a doctor who determines that the pain is coming from an inoperable brain aneurysm. This leaves Jayne with a life changing choice, death or life as a vampire

**04 Her Older Younger Man
Anna Monroe needed a man. At 42 she was too busy working two jobs to pay off the past to go out and look for one. She'd just about given up when he walked in the bar where she worked nights. But he was too young and beautiful for her. It was his birthday, but Sebastian Randolph was looking for a reason not to stake himself. He never thought he'd find it in a neighborhood bar in Cherokee, North Carolina.
Could he convince Anna to love a 133-year-old vampire physician who was deathly allergic to sunlight?

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