Uprising, a Novel - Douglas L. Bland
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Uprising, a Novel - Douglas L. Bland

Written by Douglas L. Bland
Edition: 2010
Format(s): EPUB
Language: English

Publication Date: October 19, 2010
A root cause of terrorism in far-away countries, Canadians are told, is poor, desperate young people who turn their frustrations and anger on their “rich oppressors.” Uprising brings this scenario home to Canada.

When impoverished, disheartened, poorly educated, but well-armed aboriginal young people find a modern revolutionary leader in the tradition of 1880s rebellion leader Louis Riel, they rally with a battle cry “Take Back the Land!” Theirs is a fight to right the wrongs inflicted on them by “the white settlers.”

They know their minority force cannot take on all Canada. They don’t need to. A surprise attack on the nation’s most vulnerable assets—its abundant energy resources — sends the Canadian Armed Forces scrambling and politicians reeling. Over a few tension-filled days as the battles rage, the frantic prime minister can only watch as the insurrection paralyzes the country. But when energy-dependent Americans discover the southward flow of Canadian hydroelectricity, oil, and natural gas is halted, they do not remain passive.
Although none of Canada’s leaders saw it coming, the shattering consequences unfold with the same plausible harmony by which quiet aboriginal protests decades ago became the eerie premonitions of today’s stand-offs and “days of action.”

"A riveting read, the book posits a series of loosely co-ordinated, but crippling, panic-inducing strikes by native guerrillas on Canada's most vulnerable energy and transportation installations."
Senator ROMÉO DALLAIRE: "We have heard about the Aboriginal Day of Action. Is the internal security risk rising as the youth see themselves more and more disenfranchised? In fact, if they ever coalesced, could they not bring this country to a standstill?"
The Right Honourable PAUL MARTIN: "My answer, and the only one we all have, is we would hope not."
—Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples, Ottawa, Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Hard-hitting and regrettably all too believable."
—Jack Granatstein, award-winning military historian, author of Who Killed Canada's Military?

"Combat-arms' veteran, counter-insurgency expert, counsellor to governments, and leading military scholar-now, Colonel Bland emerges in Uprising as a master thriller-writer who wrenches Canadians from a stale-dated dream world, and answers the inescapable question: what happens in dangerous times when a passive population, narcissistic politicos and uncertain bureaucrats determine the nation's fate? A scintillating read, and devastating warning."
—David Harris, Director, International and Terrorist Intelligence Program, INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc.; former Chief of Strategic Planning, Canadian Security Intelligence Service

"We have a right to be frustrated, concerned, angry—anger that's building and building."
—Phil Fontaine, Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations

"It's time to quit being loyal Canadians…We don't need the white man's money. We need a share of our own wealth."
—Terrance Nelson, Chief, Roseau River First Nation, Manitoba

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