The Woman of the Billionaire’s Dreams - Krista Lakes
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The Woman of the Billionaire's Dreams - Krista Lakes

Written by Krista Lakes
Format(s): EPUB
Language: English

Just when things look they can't get any worse for poor Tracy, a car accident leaves her with a new pile of bills. But the accident has also given her the power to enter dreams, including those of billionaire playboy Mr. Paul Hayes. Will Tracy be able to transform from a timid waitress into the woman of the billionaire's dreams?

This 15000 words story includes light bdsm, teasing, playing with a rich man's heart, a budding romance, and three steamy sex scenes concluding with an explosive finish!


He came in, right next to her, and moved in for a kiss. She let him take it, kissing him back for a few moments, before pushing him away. “Let’s get one thing straight, Mr. Hayes. I am not one of your bimbos that you can use up and throw away. If you think you’ve got an easy lay coming your way, you are mistaken.”

Again, he looked a little crestfallen, but she could see the way it turned him on. She decided to go with it. She unbuttoned a couple buttons from her blouse, and he eagerly looked at her black bra.

“We are going to have some fun tonight, but on my terms. If you start to get out of line, I am going to reel you back in. If you get way out of control, then this is over and you’ll never touch me again. If you keep going from there…”
She gestured around. “There are several cameras in this restaurant, and I know where each of them are. In addition, I’ve installed one of my own, and it’s been running all night, streaming to a friend of mine’s computer. It’s shown you watching me all night, touching me, and helping me clean up. It’ll also pick up whatever you do here tonight.”

He went pale, leaning back against the table. “It’s encrypted, so he won’t be able to watch it or copy it. If you do things to me that I don’t want, I’ll release the file and the password to the media. However, if you manage to continue to please me tonight, then the file and the hard drive it’s been printed on will be yours.”

He still looked stunned. “Why are you doing all this?” he asked.

She looked him dead in the eye. “You’re a very dangerous man, Mr. Hayes. Not only are you physically able to assault me, but you’re able to buy your way out of most trouble. So far, you’ve been willing to please me, but, like most men…” she paused for effect. “…You could change your mind.” She walked toward him, put her hand on his chest, and kissed him. It was the first kiss that she had given him without prompting, and he seemed like he was instantly back in the mood. They kissed for a few moments more, and she pulled away and whispered in his ear. “Forget about the cameras for now. You’ve begun to please me, and I can see things going your way for the rest of the night...”

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