The Marxist Theory of Alienation - George Novack, Ernest Mandel
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The Marxist Theory of Alienation - George Novack, Ernest Mandel

Written by George Novack, Ernest Mandel
Edition: 1973
Format(s): PDF
Language: English

Alienation from one's fellow human beings is rooted in the development of class society itself, the authors argue. It can be overcome only through the revolutionary fight for a society both free of domination by the capitalist class, and with complete democratic control of the government and economy by working people.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
Alienation, what causes it, and how can it end?
By Marc Lichtman on February 14, 2014
In the introduction, Marxist philosopher and historian George Novack explains that alienation "is not primarily or purely of psychic origin and location...."

"It's origin and continuing basis in civilized society arises from the alienation of labor which characterizes all systems of private property... [It] expresses the fact that the creations of men's hands and minds turn against their creators and come to dominate their lives... instead of enlarging freedom, these uncontrollable powers increase human servitude...."

"For Marxism the forms of alienation are products of man's impotence before the forces of nature and of society and his ignorance of the laws of their operation. They are not everlasting. They can diminish to the extent that man's control over his habitat and his social relations and his scientific knowledge of their processes of development are amplified. They will wither away and cease entirely when his command over nature and social organization is consummated under socialism."

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