The Mammoth Book of Golden Age Science Fiction - various
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The Mammoth Book of Golden Age Science Fiction  - various

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The Mammoth Book of Golden Age Science Fiction
Edited by Isaac Asimov, Charles G. Waugh and Martin H. Greenberg
Jaico | 1991 | ISBN:N/A | PDF | 504 pages | 17.2 mb
scanned to PDF by me.

The 1930s was the decade in which science fiction found its voice. Toward the end of that decade, the voice began to resemble, more and more, tjhat of John Wood Campbell, Jr., and in the 1940s, J.W.C. dominated the field to the point where to many he seemed all of science fiction. He had a charismatic personality that utterly dominated everyone he met. He overflowed with energy and he had his way with science fiction. He found it pulp and he turned into something that was his heart's desire. He then made it the heart's desire of the reader.Campbell put science fiction center stage and made it a field that could be written successfully only by science fiction writers who had learned their craft.
It was a phenomenon that had never happened before and can never be repeated.It is a true measure of the dominance of Campbell in the 1940s, that, of the ten stories in this collection, eight are from Astounding. The other two, by van Vogt (who is certainly a Campbell author just the same) and Fredric Brown, are from Thrilling Wonder Stories.
It is only fair to remember that not all great science fiction writers could write for Campbell. Some simply did not have, or did not want, the Campbell touch, and went their own way. Fredric Brown was one of these. Another—and perhaps the greatest of all science fiction writers who couldn't or wouldn't be a Campbell author—was Ray Bradbury.
In this collections of stories you will find yourself once again in the Golden Age of science fiction and the great days of John W. Campbell, Jr.

INTRODUCTION by Isaac Asimov 1
TIME WANTS A SKELETON by Ross Rocklynne 7
THE WEAPONS SHOP by A.E. van Vogt 60
NERVES by Lester del Rey 97
DAYMARE by Fredric Brown 167
KILLDOZER! by Theodore Sturgeon 205
NO WOMAN BORN by C.L.Moore 269
THE BIG AND THE LITTLE by Isaac Asimov 313
GIANT KILLER by A. Bertram Chandler 369
E FOR EFFORT by T.L. Sherred 414
WITH FOLDED HANDS by Jack Williamson 462

This is the 3rd of my 'Mammoth Books' that I have scanned. Previous 2 were on detective stories. There is another one on Classic Science fiction. And the last one on horror stories. Hope I get time to scan those too!

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