The Lonely Lords Series #1-9 - Grace Burrowes
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The Lonely Lords Series #1-9 - Grace Burrowes

Written by Grace Burrowes
Format(s): MOBI
Language: English

Book 01 - Darius: Lord of Pleasures
Desperate, penniless, and shunned by his wealthy father, Darius Lindsey begins offering himself secretly to jaded society ladies. He hangs onto his last shreds of honor, but he's losing ground financially each month.That is until the aging Lord William Longstreet makes Darius an offer he can't refuse: get the Lord's pretty young wife-of-convenience, Lady Vivian, pregnant discreetly, and he will earn enough money to never want again. But problems lie ahead when the stunning Vivian captures his heart, and his clients refuse to let him go. Can Darius untangle himself without scandal and offer himself to Vivian heart and soul?

Book 02 - Nicholas: Lord of Secrets
Nicholas Haddonfield has something to hide...After a wild youth, Nicholas Haddonfield, Viscount Reston, has promised his ailing father he'll finally take a bride, though doing so will force Nick to make impossible choices and face old, painful wounds.Leah Lindsey is glad to find refuge from her own desperate situation in a marriage of convenience with the gallant viscount. But soon convenience is not enough, and Leah can't understand why Nick remains so distant. What is he hiding, and will he never allow her into his heart?An extraordinary and passionate tale of courage tested and fears overcome. Once you enter the lush Regency world of award-winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes, you'll never want to leave.

Book 03 - Ethan: Lord of Scandals
Ethan Grey's life was shattered...Estranged from his family, widowed after an unhappy marriage, and weary from fighting his troubled past, Ethan Grey now has a chance for redemption. His son's beautiful and remarkable governess might help him battle his ghosts, but it's been a long time since he let himself get close to anyone.Alice Portman has more in common with Ethan than she can comfortably admit. For now, she's satisfied with helping him rebuild his life and family. But the dangerous past is about to catch up with them both.

Book 04 - Beckman: Lord of Sins
Beckman Haddonfield is ready to live again...Beckman finally emerges from the shadow of his wife's death by agreeing to restore a family estate...and embarking on a dalliance with the quiet, mysterious housekeeper who resides there. But she is not who she seems...

Book 05 - Gabriel: Lord of Regrets
Gabriel North has spent two years allowing his family to believe him dead, while he assumes the identity of a hardworking steward on the neglected Three Springs estate. When Gabriel falls in love with Polonaise Hunt, cook at Three Springs, he realizes that until he solves the mystery of who tried repeatedly to kill him, he cannot ask any woman to share his life. Gabriel resumes his proper identity as Marquis of Hesketh, only to find that Polonaise has also resumed her calling, that of talented portrait artist, and she’s been commissioned to paint Gabriel’s heir. While Gabriel tries to untangle the mystery of his attempted murder, he finds Polonaise has been keeping secrets of her own. She can capture Gabriel’s likeness on canvas, but can he capture her heart?

Book 06 - Gareth: Lord of Rakes
She's caught between a rake and certain ruin...Felicity Worthington's only hope of avoiding poverty—or worse—is to accept her distant cousin's dubious bequest... a thriving, high-class brothel. Felicity has 90 days to convince her cousin's solicitors that Gareth Alexander has taught her the art of pleasing a man, though she's more interested in the gentleman she glimpses beneath Gareth's debauched airs, than in the rake he's become.In the business of love...How much should he teach her?Gareth Alexander, Marquis of Heathgate, has little incentive to help a spinster learn to manage a brothel—except that the alternatives for the prim, pretty Miss Worthington are even worse. His resistance to teaching Felicity how to be a madam leaves Gareth wondering if the honor he'd thought long dead still survives, and if that honor allows him to yield to the lady's ruinous scheme... and to their shared desires.

Book 07 - Andrew: Lord of Despair
Andrew Alexander will do anything to protect those he loves...After a tragic yachting accident leaves him wracked with guilt and despair, Andrew Alexander becomes certain he doesn't deserve to be around his own family, let alone the beautiful, forthright Astrid Worthington. He wanders for years, only allowing himself respite from his self-imposed exile when he thinks Astrid safely married. He returns home to find instead that the only woman he's ever loved has been recently - and mysteriously - widowed....especially from himselfWhen Andrew leaves, Astrid refuses to pine. She finds an amiable husband and contents herself with a cordial if unexciting marriage. But her husband's sudden death and Andrew's reappearance threaten to break her heart all over again. When Astrid's life is threatened, she finds Andrew will do anything to protect her not only from her enemies, but also from the truth of his dark past.

Book 08 - Douglas: Lord of Heartache
Douglas Allen needs a home for his aching heart…Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery, hates having arrived to his title without knowing how to manage what few properties he has. Guinevere Hollister is a distant family connection raising her daughter, Rose, in rural obscurity and stewarding the estate they live on. At the urging of mutual family, Douglas reluctantly puts himself in Gwen's hands for lessons in land husbandry and discovers beneath her prickly exterior a woman of passion and honor. Yet despite the closeness they find, she will not marry him.Guinevere Hollister needs a champion…When the powerful Duke of Moreland arranges an engagement between Gwen and his heir, Douglas knows the marriage is not what Gwen wants. In Douglas's eyes, Gwen deserves to make her own choices, even if she chooses continued poverty and disgrace over the love Douglas offers her. Douglas will take on their family, the meddling duke, and Gwen's own lonely, stubborn heart to ensure his lady's happiness.

Book 09 - David: Lord of Honor
David, Viscount Fairly, has imperiled his honor...Letty Banks is a reluctant courtesan, keeping a terrible secret that brought her, a vicar's daughter, to a life of vice. While becoming madam of Viscount Fairly's high-class brothel is an absolute financial necessity, Letty refuses to become David's mistress-though their attraction becomes harder to resist the more she learns about the man...Perhaps a fallen woman can redeem it.David is smitten not only with Letty's beauty, but also with her calm, her kindness, her quiet. David is determined to put respectability back in her grasp, even if that means uncovering the secrets Letty works so hard to keep hidden-secrets that could take her away from him forever...

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