The Double R - Gigi Moore
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The Double R - Gigi Moore

Written by Gigi Moore
Series: The Double R
Language: English

Twin Cowboys for Tamara
The Double R 1
By: Gigi Moore

Like her absentee mother, Tamara Carpenter was never cut out for country life. But when her estranged father suffers a debilitating injury, she rushes back to her childhood home to find other things besides his health changed, namely the twin boys she practically raised.

Devastated by Tamara's exit, Jess has strived to make The Double R a success, burying himself working the ranch. Tamara's return upsets the emotional balance he's found in her absence and forces him to face his unresolved feelings for her, and his part in her older lover's firing years ago.

Open-minded and fun-loving, Jax prides himself on knowing how to have a good time and trying to get Jess to do the same. Tamara's homecoming is Jax's opportunity to show his brother what he's been missing by holding a grudge all these years, and bring two of the most important people in the world to him together.

Desiree's Lone Wolves (MFM)
The Double R 2
By: Gigi Moore

Ten years ago, Carson and Sam Quarry鈥檚 father died in a freak accident. Carson doesn鈥檛 believe it was any accident and makes it no secret that he believes their pack alpha, Remy Bastien, killed their father.
When Carson commits the most heinous offense a shifter can commit against another shifter, it gives Remy just the opening he needs to get Carson and Sam鈥檚 mother right where he鈥檚 always wanted her鈥攎ated to him.

The family makes it their business to keep a low profile at The Double R. This is an easy enough task before Desiree Jensen, a conservative city slicker with painful secrets of her own, lands at the ranch, too.
Despite her quiet and sheltered existence, Desiree is a lot stronger than she seems. Is she strong enough, however, to survive the fatal charms of two wolf shifters from her wildest dreams, especially when one is marked for death?

Maia's Magickal Mates (MFM)
The Double R 3
By: Gigi Moore
Brothers Thayne and Cade Malloy couldn't be more different, the only things linking them their psychic gifts and their Wiccan legacy. With their parents killed twenty-four years ago, they are all each other has.

When Cade turns up on his doorstep after a long absence, burned-out and needing refuge from his gifts, Thayne welcomes him with open arms. Neither brother is aware of the evil that stalks them.

Wiccan and New York transplant Maia Jensen knows she is more than a handful for the sensible and staid Thayne, but she can see interesting things happening for her, Thayne, and Cade in the future鈥f they can survive an egomaniac's power-hungry trip in the present.

Thayne, Cade, and Maia are chased through time when Prentice Teague, a powerful black-magick Wiccan with an age-old score to settle, sets his sights on augmenting his powers with theirs. Prentice has another thing coming, however, when the trio's growing emotional connection enhances their gifts

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