Tales of Einarinn - Juliet E. McKenna
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Tales of Einarinn - Juliet E. McKenna

Written by Juliet E. McKenna
Series: Tales of Einarinn
Format(s): EPUB LIT MOBI
Language: English

1. The Thief's Gamble - A thief and gambler who plies her trade in the back streets of the kingdom, Livak succumbs to the irresistible impulse to join an expedition to Hadrumal, fabled city of the Archmage, unaware that the stolen tankard she is carrying contains the secrets of a powerful ancient magic.

2. The Swordsman's Oath - Ryshad was a warrior, a sworn man pledged to defend the Empire and his lord with his sword and his life. Livak was a thief, a woman as dangerous and cunning as she was beautiful. Brought together by fate--and the wily wizard Shiv--these unlikely allies once traveled to the frozen lands of the North to find answers to an ancient mystery. Instead, though, they discovered death and worse at the hands of the Elietimm, a band of evil sorcerers who nearly destroyed them. Now, the Elietimm have infiltrated the Empire using their strange and deadly power. It is up to a reunited Ryshad and Livak, joined by Shiv, to discover the secret knowledge that can save the Empire--a mission that will lead them far from the lands they know. It is Ryshad, though, who will journey farthest, to a distant country where nothing is what it seems, not even the magical sword that has long protected him. And if that sword should turn against him now...

3. The Gambler's Fortune - Livak, a beautiful bandit, and her beloved, the swordsman Ryshad, search for a powerful, ancient, and forgotten magic that could save the Empire from total annihilation, but she must confront others who also seek to uncover these lost arts.

4. The Warrior's Bond - Einarinn's greatest warrior, the swordsman Ryshad, has sworn to protect his lord, Messire D'Olbriot, even if it means watching his love, the beautiful thief Livak, embark on a dangerous quest to find the lost aetheric magic on her own. But shadow and intrigue lie over the land, and a journey to recover magical artifacts leads the swordsman back to the lost colony of Kellarin, whose settlers have only recently been awoken from centuries of enchanted sleep. Amidst the intricate halls and deadly intrigues of this royal court, even the most cautious of strategems can fail, and Ryshad must fight to save the future of Einarinn itself.

5. The Assassin's Edge - Livak is bored. Winter in the Kellarin colony has its amusements but she's pretty much exhausted them and is eager to be doing something else. When Ryshad and Temar tell her of their plan to reclaim the southern settlement established by the original colonists, Livak reckons she may as well go along too. What she doesn't reckon on are the pirates looting the midway islands. Meanwhile In Hadrumal, the wizards are increasingly enmeshed in their own politics . With magical storytelling, powerful characters and a richly detailed world, Juliet E. McKenna concludes her wonderful Tales of Einarinn with THE ASSASSIN'S EDGE.

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