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Some MM Books - Various

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Charlotte Mistry - Kidnapped By A Wolf

When Adam ventures into the dark woods to poach game, the last thing he expects is to become the prey. Captured and claimed deep in the territory of a werewolf pack, he must either learn to accept a place as part of the pack, or run. Can he escape their grasp... And does he want to?

M.A. Church - Night time Wishes

As a small child Shawn stood at his bedroom window staring above the tree line watching the odd shooting lights in the nighttime sky. Remembering his mom鈥檚 comment about making a wish upon a shooting star Shawn鈥攖here in the dead of night鈥攎ade a wish.

Olivia Brynn - Flipped

Carter Hope would do just about anything for his best friend. When Mario Gutierrez gets the bright idea to buy an old house together to flip, Carter swears he's out of his mind. Unfortunately, Mario is hard to resist. After one weird conversation at a bar and one meaningful look across an empty beer bottle, Carter isn't sure he's not the one flipping for his friend. They're both tops, so to make this work, one will have to give in and roll over.

Penelope Rivers - Rules of the game

Five years ago, Arty lost his best friend, Tyler, in a tragic car accident. Ever since then, the memory of his loss has ruled his life and makes him fear close relationships. Over time, he develops a step-by-step seduction technique, one that can get a man to bed in the blink of an eye. Then he makes the mistake of seducing Noah. After what was supposed to be a one-night stand, Arty begins to question himself and his decision to remain single forever. He has to learn that the rules of the love game are never set in stone.

Ryan Field - cowboy mike and buddy boy

When a guy falls in love with a married cowboy, he鈥檇 better know how to run like hell.

When Noah realizes he鈥檚 fallen in love with the wrong person, he decides to change his life and his circumstances. He vows he鈥檒l never get involved with a cowboy or a married man again. But when Noah鈥檚 married cowboy, Mike, begs him not to leave, Mike explains that his marriage was over a long time ago and then he promises to do the right thing. Unfortunately, Mike鈥檚 wife finds out about Mike and Noah before Mike has a chance to tell her he wants a divorce. And, this all happens on Halloween night, when Noah meets Mike on his way home from a costume party. It鈥檚 the first time Noah鈥檚 ever done drag in his life and it鈥檚 only a joke. But Mike鈥檚 wife doesn鈥檛 find it funny when she catches Mike with his hand up Noah鈥檚 tight dress in the backseat of a car.

Toni Griffin - Frankies Vamp

After five centuries, Merrick Winters is bored with life. He's tired of the same kind of men throwing themselves at him. His coven is secure and his bar is a success. He needs a challenge. When he meets his mate, he's certain he's found just the challenge he was looking for.

Frankie Reynolds doesn't have time for an abusive man and he wishes his ex would get the message. After one night at Hot Encounters, both an ex and a master vampire won't leave him alone. He doesn't mind the vampire so much, but this mate business is a little much.

An amazing attraction makes sparks fly, but can Merrick convince Frankie to trust again?

Zoe Perdita - seduced by the alpha

Jake, a lone wolf and detective, moves to a small town in Idaho to get away from the city. Along with beautiful scenery he鈥檚 greeted by a powerful werewolf pack whose leader, Holden Walker, just happens to be his new boss. Jake鈥檚 not interested in pack life- but Holden won鈥檛 take 鈥榥o鈥?for an answer. Can Jake fight off Holden鈥檚 advances even as his body begs him to give in?

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