Seven Ways to DIe - William Diehl ,Kenneth Atchity
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Seven Ways to DIe - William Diehl ,Kenneth Atchity

Written by William Diehl ,Kenneth Atchity
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Language: English

Book Description
Publication Date: March 5, 2012
From the Nez Perce Indian reservation in Idaho to New York’s Central Park is a straight line right through Bill Diehl’s last and most intriguing lead character, Micah Cody.

There are seven basic ways to die. In 1969 Dr. John C. Cavanaugh catalogued them all in his Primer of Forensic Pathology-Cast Studies for the Novice M.E.

Micah Cody is a 30-something NYPD captain of homicide, who’s founded a special unit known as TAZ with city-wide license to take over any investigation at all, with special focus on serial killers. Now its ultimate challenge is on the loose in Manhattan, with three victims already whose causes of death seem like intentional defiance of TAZ’s existence—and four to go in four deadly days leading up to Halloween. Chronicling it all with great amusement is the Capote-like award-winning crime writer Ward Hamilton who, egged on by his sexually voracious socialite bedmate, is determined to bring TAZ to its knees journalistically.

Captain Micah Cody's Nez Perce name is “Youngest Wolf” from his ability to communicate with the animals and read nature's signs. As all hell is breaking loose in Manhattan, the wolves in Central Park howl, the peregrine falcons shriek their warnings—and Micah is listening.

Seven Ways to Die is a non-stop, sexy read with Diehl doing to the end what he did best throughout his bestselling career.

Grand Prize Winner of the 2012 Beach Book Festival, which honors the summer’s hottest reads!

"SEVEN WAYS TO DIE is tense, gripping and impossible to put down, featuring a truly compelling homicide detective. I was intrigued from the first page!"--Carla Neggers, author of A Rare Chance, Stonebrook Village, The Widow, On Fire

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