Selected Letters III - H.P. Lovecraft
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Selected Letters III - H.P. Lovecraft

Written by H.P. Lovecraft
Language: English

You want to be careful when buying this volume. There was a first edition published in 1971. After it went out of print in 1981, Arkham House waited until 1997 to publish a second edition--& that edition is still in print and available from Arkham House. Some sneaky book sellers try to sell it for large sums. If you are paying a lot of money for this book, make certain you're buying the first edition of 1971.

This is my favorite volume of the five SELECTED LETTERS books that were published by Arkham House. At 451 pages, it is crammed with fascinating epistles from Lovecraft to other weird writers, poets, friends and relatives. I love the descriptions of ye letters' contents that is listed in the contents. For example, for letter #381 to Woodburn Harris (November 9, 1929) we have this:
"Of the offensive new parvenu-barbarism; the classic Greek feeling toward the universe; the different backgrounds of Greek and Elizabethan drama;Shakespeare a pure accident of genius; wars can be reduced in number but not eliminated; the coming era of inferior machine-culture; the ideal of romantic love an illusion; the limited value of eroticism in life and art; the future of erotic customs in the Western world; the causes of change in erotic customs; the art-in-life of the old New England ideals; all creatures mate to please themselves; the facts of human female desire; Christianity the greatest of all historic curbs on sexual license; the cultivation of perception; precision in the use of words; the full life of the mind; personal bias does not colour impartial perception of the external world; English and French cultures; democracy the delusion of the twentieth century as romantic love was of the nineteenth; the full utilization of human capabilities; humanism and democracy cannot co-exist; the future machine barbarity of 2100 A.D.; differences of preference among people make Utopian harmony impossible; two distinct ego-pictures in every man, the personal and the associative; the real loss from the end of our belief in immortality and racial future."

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