Psionics Unleashed - Jeremy Smith
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Psionics Unleashed - Jeremy Smith

Written by Jeremy Smith
Edition: 2010
Format(s): PDF
Language: English

Tap into the mysteries of psionics, using sheer force of will to allow psionic characters to let loose power to rival any physical force or magical energy. Contained in this book, you will find the secrets of psionics, the magic of the mind. Contained within the pages of Psionics Unleashed you will find: • Four 20-level psionic base classes: the psion, psychic warrior, soulknife, and wilder • Nine psionic prestige classes, including the elocater and the thrallherd • Eight psionic races to create new characters, from the blue, to the elan, to the serpentine ophiduan. • Dozens of psionic feats for psionic characters of all classes • Hundreds of psionic powers, ranging from precognition to reality revision Updated to support the rules of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Psionics Unleashed contains everything needed to easily integrate psionics into any campaign, including characters, items, monsters, and powers.

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