Mermaid Saga #1-8
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Mermaid Saga #1-8

According to legend, eating the lesh of a mermaid grants eternal youth and life. But living forever can be a blessing or a curse. And as two immortal lovers travel through Japan - and the centuries - longing for a normal existence, they learn that they are the lucky ones. Others who partake of the mermaid's flesh are transformed into savage lost souls...!

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Mermaid's_Saga_v01_c001_[MP].zip 7.34 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v01_c002_[MP].zip 9.21 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v02_c001_[MP].zip 9.16 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v02_c002_[MP].zip 9.78 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v03_c001_[MP].zip 2.78 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v03_c002_[MP].zip 2.86 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v03_c003_[MP].zip 2.89 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v03_c004_[MP].zip 2.77 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v04_c001_[MP].zip 3.45 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v04_c002_[MP].zip 3.15 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v04_c003_[MP].zip 3.25 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v05_c001_[MP].zip 2.35 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v05_c002_[MP].zip 2.33 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v05_c003_[MP].zip 2.44 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v05_c004_[MP].zip 2.02 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v06_c001_[MP].zip 2.2 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v06_c002_[MP].zip 5.14 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v06_c003_[MP].zip 2.12 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v06_c004_[MP].zip 2.32 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v07_c001_[MP].zip 3.05 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v07_c002_[MP].zip 2.39 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v07_c003_[MP].zip 2.8 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v07_c004_[MP].zip 2.5 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v08_c001_[MP].zip 2.86 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v08_c002_[MP].zip 5.04 MBs
Mermaid's_Saga_v08_c003_[MP].zip 5.22 MBs
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