Men of the Border Lands - Marla Monroe
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Men of the Border Lands - Marla Monroe

Written by Marla Monroe
Series: Men of the Border Lands
Language: English

Belonging to Them (MFM)
Men of the Border Lands 1

By: Marla Monroe

Brandon and Bolton are brothers living in the Border Lands. Heather hides in their trailer to escape slavery, but has she traded one cage for another? The brothers are more than happy to help her out and take her home to their Border Land Farm. They work to convince her they are good guys and won鈥檛 hurt her.

Bolton knows he has fallen in love with her, but Brandon isn鈥檛 sure she sees him as more than her keeper or owner. He wants her to feel the same love she feels for his brother, so he pulls away.

It takes nearly losing her to a wolf attack for Brandon to realize he鈥檚 being childish in asking for her to treat him differently than she does his brother. She loves them both equally, and he has almost lost the best thing that ever happened to him.

A Home with Them (MFM)
Men of the Border Lands 2

By: Marla Monroe

When your two men are reluctant, do you give up, or do you try and seduce them? Jessie took matters into her own hands and went after the two men who鈥檇 cared for her for nearly five years. They needed a little pushing in her direction.

Wyatt and Kent weren鈥檛 sure Jessie was ready for their kind of love, but life in the Border Lands can be tough, and they all had to rely on each other to survive. Jessie convinces Kent that she鈥檚 ready for love, but Wyatt resists. What will it take to convince Wyatt of her love? When she鈥檚 stolen from them, he finds out just how much he loves her and wants her back where she belongs, at home with them.

Their Border Lands Temptress (MFM)
Men of the Border Lands 3

By: Marla Monroe

After the year of catastrophes, Ronnie jumped at the offer of protection from a lifelong friend. When the safety he provided turned into abuse, she ran, vowing to take care of herself.

Ronnie doesn鈥檛 need a man, much less two, but Brice and Garrett think she鈥檚 pushing her luck by living in the Border Lands without a man to keep her safe. They are hell-bent on helping her, despite her claim that she doesn鈥檛 need them.

Brice and Garrett are more than able to take care of all Ronnie鈥檚 needs, including those she doesn鈥檛 realize she has. When danger shows up at their door, it鈥檚 up to them to keep her safe, but she has to make a decision. Will they become more than her lovers, or is she too scared to let them into her heart?

Their Bartered Bride (MFM)
Men of the Border Lands 4

By: Marla Monroe

Joel and Jonathan barter for Leigh to keep her out of a brothel. Can Leigh adjust to having two husbands? Can Joel get past the fact that he compromised his ideals by buying a wife?

Leigh isn鈥檛 so sure about the two of them since they bought her.

When wolves begin to threaten their herd, they must band together with other families to hunt them down before someone gets hurt. But are they too late to protect their families? When Leigh is hurt, Joel is beside himself and realizes that no matter what his principles are, he did the right thing by her.

Their Border Lands Gift (MFM)
Men of the Border Lands 5

By: Marla Monroe

After the year of catastrophes, women are treated like slaves and bought and sold like cattle. When Kate鈥檚 brother, Mike, can鈥檛 keep her safe anymore, he decides to move to the Border Lands to find her a couple of men to take care of her.

Kate doesn鈥檛 want a husband, much less two. When she is nearly stolen again by black market traders and her brother is seriously hurt, he gives her to Bruce and Marcus to keep her safe. Can she learn to trust them? And what about love?

Bruce and Marcus are already half in love with her when they meet her. They think she鈥檚 Mike鈥檚 wife, though, and feel guilty about their lustful thoughts, but then Mike is injured and gives them Kate to be their woman.

When a wolf attacks her, she realizes Bruce and Marcus truly love her and she has to admit her love for them.

Sharing Her with David (MFM)
Men of the Border Lands 6

By: Marla Monroe

When black market raiders try to capture April, only her husband鈥檚 friend David鈥檚 timely arrival saves her from a life of slavery. Gary decides that he needs help protecting April now that the world has changed for the worse. Can he convince David to join them and April to accept him?

David can鈥檛 believe that his best friend wants him to join him in protecting April as well as in their bed. As much as that would be a dream come true, David is worried that Gary will come to resent him and April will fear him. She鈥檚 always seemed nervous around him.

April has fantasized about David ever since she met him, but she loves Gary and would never betray him. How is she going to handle David being around all the time? Then Gary drops the bombshell. He wants her to accept David in their bed as well.

Finding Her Men (MFM)
Men of the Border Lands 7

By: Marla Monroe

Valerie needs someone to take care of her, and she thinks she鈥檚 found it in Luke and Grant. But will they take her in, or must she continue looking? Luke and Grant are surprised to find a woman on her own out in the Border Lands. How can they turn her away?

She can鈥檛 help but fall in love with them, but Grant needs a little more convincing than Luke, and she struggles to prove to him that she is worthy of his love.

When someone tries to take her away from them, they realize how much she means to them and fight to get her back. Nothing will stand in their way. The others in the area agree that they need to work together to keep their women safe. Grant and Luke are eager to join forces for the protection of the woman they love.

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