Melody Snow Monroe Collection - Melody Snow Monroe
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Melody Snow Monroe Collection - Melody Snow Monroe

Written by Melody Snow Monroe
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Pleasure Montana Series, Books 1 -6
Chelsea鈥檚 Pleasure, Book 1
Word Count: 41,900, M茅nage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys
Sous-chef Chelsea Mansfield has always loved Preston and Luke Caulfield, two brothers who own a bar and grill in Pleasure, Montana. When she returns home after a six-year absence, they treat her like the little girl they used to babysit. Preston has promised her two brothers, who are serving in Iraq, that he will watch over her like a sister. Nothing she does convinces him to break his vow. Luke is a different matter. Because he loves good food, she's able to get him to do a blindfolded taste test and ends up smearing chocolate on his body before licking it off. As they are about to have sex, Preston walks in on them and is furious. What will it take to make peace between the brothers, and how can she convince them she's all grown-up and ready for love?

Lydia鈥檚 Passion, Book 2Word Count: 37,785, M茅nage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, bondage, spanking, sex toys
Lydia Nestman has her sights set on two rugged men鈥擲heriff Justin Bradford and Deputy Tom Carnes of Pleasure, Montana. She can鈥檛 resist these hot, broad-shouldered men in their uniforms, but because of her less-than-flawless past, she鈥檚 afraid neither man will want to be hers forever. When a former lover begins to harass Lydia, she wastes no time in using her newfound confidence to turn him down. He exacts his revenge by threatening her life, but her two lawmen come to her rescue. Promising to protect her, Justin and Tom insist Lydia stay at the station and be under their watch at all times. She鈥檚 more convinced than ever these are the right men for the long-term commitment she鈥檚 always desired, but she isn鈥檛 sure how to read their protectiveness. Are Justin and Tom simply fulfilling their roles as policemen, or is it something more? What more can she do to entice them to make her their own in a m茅nage relationship?

Destiny鈥檚 Desire, Book 3
Word Count: 35,274, M茅nage, M/F/M, bondage, spanking, sex toys
Destiny Jones is back in Pleasure, Montana, determined to win the love of Drake and Kurt Devereaux. For years she longed for a m茅nage with these rugged, courageous men. Too bad Drake is still haunted by the death of his wife, and Kurt doesn鈥檛 appear ready to settle down. Kurt glimpses the fantastic love he could have with Destiny during a mountain trip, but their adventure ends unexpectedly when they鈥檙e stranded by a storm. When Drake leads a team to rescue them, he gets a taste of renewal by saving her. He senses a need for this m茅nage in his life, but he withdraws because his demons still haunt him. What will cause Drake to admit to himself that he needs and wants this love? What will make Kurt give up his carefree lifestyle to be with Destiny?

Brittany鈥檚 Destiny, Book 4
Word Count: 53,213, M茅nage, M/F/M/M, spanking, sex toys
Brittany has a secret and has avoided returning home because of it. Sparks, her best friend in high school, knows why she left, but he has told no one. Brody, the man who loved her, has never gotten over her defection, and his twin, Evan, longs for her return. Now Brittany has come home to get a new start on life. Her parents are not welcoming, and Brody is so hurt by Brittany's betrayal he won鈥檛 let her near him. Only Evan and Sparks, the two forest rangers in town, are willing to help her move into her cabin in the mountains, which is in need of much repair. Slowly, she learns how much those two men care. They convince her to confront bad boy Brody. When she tells him the truth, he runs off. What can she do to convince them that she yearns for a m茅nage relationship with all three men?

Taming Tammy, Book 5
Word Count: 44,098, M茅nage, M/F/M/M, light bondage, sex toys
Tammy Richards is about to lose her ranch, and the bank sends Tank, the one man she鈥檚 always wanted, to start foreclosure proceedings. When her horse needs medical help, she turns to Tank鈥檚 best friend, Aiden, the sexy town vet. Too bad she can鈥檛 afford his services. In spite of her need for independence, she barters for his aid. Tank enlists the help of his cousin, Jake, to rebuild her half-burned-down home in exchange for Jake鈥檚 room and board. Those two come up with a solution to help solve her financial problems. When she finds out they鈥檝e gone behind her back to save her ranch, she鈥檚 furious they don鈥檛 think she can manage alone. How will she be able to find love and have a fulfilling m茅nage relationship with these three hunky men when her pride and need for independence get in the way?

Bella鈥檚 Bad Bikers, Book 6
Word Count: 52,803, M茅nage, M/F/M/M, bondage, sex toys
Bella Andrews, a Miami socialite running for her life, hitches a ride with a bad-boy biker named Hawk. She agrees to hide out with him, his brother, and his best friend in Pleasure, Montana. Hawk is a protective but haunted soul who is immediately attracted to Bella. Because he fears she鈥檒l leave once she鈥檚 convinced she鈥檚 safe, he keeps his distance. His brother, Clete, is an entrepreneur who appreciates Bella鈥檚 keen sense of business. Too bad he鈥檚 unable to convince his brother to give her a chance. Hawk鈥檚 best friend, Raven, admires Bella鈥檚 ability to see him for the man he is, and he鈥檚 willing to do anything to convince her to stay when the passion flares between them. When Hawk rebuffs Bella鈥檚 profession of love, she returns to Miami to confront the danger. What can the three men do to convince her to return to Montana for a m茅nage relationship?

Fantasy Resort Series
Three Hired Lovers, Book 1
Word Count: 49,592, Contemporary M茅nage, M/F/M/M, bondage, sex toys
Jillian Masters has never had a climax. To save her job, she consents to a weekend at a resort designed to awaken her dormant sexuality. When she meets three totally hot hired lovers鈥攁 cowboy, a Frenchman, and a pool cleaner鈥攕he discovers her experience is way more than she鈥檚 ready for as their teasing and tempting forces her to confront her conflicting desires. When she finds out the three men have a hidden agenda, and that her professional career hangs in the balance, the devastating situation leads her to reevaluate her priorities. Will she give in to the temptation of her newly awakened arousal or will she leave them hanging?

Undercover Fantasy, Book 2
Word Count: 36,198, M茅nage, M/F/M/M, bondage, sex toys
Tiffany North, a hot but jaded vice cop, is assigned to entrap three hunky men at a fantasy resort suspected of prostitution. She鈥檒l do anything to solve her case, including posing naked. She鈥檚 shocked when her decision-making process is shot to hell by the very men targeted in her sting operation. Trent Lawton, a disenchanted lawyer who鈥檚 been to hell and back, is one of the suspects. He can鈥檛 afford to break the resort rules of no sex with the tempting new client. His brother, Dominic, knows how to get women to do his bidding, but he too won鈥檛 risk losing the cushy job. Tempted beyond limits, the brothers recruit their cop cousin, Brandon, to take the little vixen out of her comfort zone. Can the three men discover her hidden agenda before she鈥檚 able to lure them all to the dark side?

Hidden Fantasy, Book 3
Word Count: 34,898, M茅nage, M/F/M, light BDSM, spanking, sex toys
Stubborn but sexy prosecuting attorney Larissa Viamari is targeted by a violent gang and goes into hiding at the Sensual Pleasures Fantasy Resort. She tries to blend in by joining in the activities, one of which is a body painting contest. Only, she has no idea it involves her two hunky cowboy bodyguards dragging paintbrushes over every intimate inch of her. Given she hasn鈥檛 have sex in seven years, she has a hard time dealing with the intense stimulation and longings bursting to escape. But then her cover is blown, and the gang finds her. She realizes some tough decisions must be made. What will she have to sacrifice, or rather want to sacrifice, now that she鈥檚 gotten to know these men better?

Deception Fantasy, Book 4
Word Count: 36,194, Contemporary M茅nage, M/F/M, bondage, sex toys
Diane Bowman, a dork who blossomed in college, unexpectantly runs into her high school football dream hunks, Trace Turner and Jack DeMarco, at a fantasy resort. Neither man recognizes the beauty, but Diana knows once they figure out who she is, they鈥檒l reject her. To avoid a repeat of that humiliating time, she struggles not to get excited by their incredible stimulation. Trace is totally enchanted by Diana鈥檚 exciting rock climbing lifestyle and believes she鈥檚 his dream woman. Too bad she wants nothing to do with him. Being rich, Trace鈥檚 best buddy, Jack, has led a charmed life. When he, too, falls for Diana, he knows she鈥檇 never go for a guy who鈥檚 spent the last few years of his life traipsing around Africa and working at a resort designed for sexual stimulation. How can both men motivate her to take a chance on a future together?

Fantasy Ranch, Book 5
Word Count: 34,966, Cowboy M茅nage, M/F/M/M, bondage, sex toys
As the daughter of a former US senator, Christina Hardgrave has been surrounded by bodyguards and overprotective parents her whole life, until she鈥檚 mistakenly sent to a fantasy ranch resort instead of a finishing school. Zach McKenna, a ranch owner and the eldest of three brothers, wants nothing to do with teaching Christina about men, as she has awakened an urge he thought long dead. How will the gentle middle brother, Deke, and the carefree youngest brother, Brett, succeed in introducing her to a loving m茅nage relationship? What will she discover about her explosive sensuality from three hunky cowboys?

The Callens
Leather and Lace, Book 1
Word Count: 40,850, Cowboy M茅nage, M/F/M, sex toys, light bondage
Wade and Heath Watson, two ranchers in Intrigue, Wyoming, have yearned to make Samantha Callen their own for years. When they find her bleeding to death by the side of the road after rustlers shoot her, they make a pledge to take care of her. Getting the feisty woman to let them help, however, is no small feat. Only when more cattle are stolen and her barn is set on fire does she turn to them for aid. As their passions flare, they tell her she needs to get comfortable with her feminine side or chance losing them. She fears if she acts too sexy, she'll lose the respect of her ranch hands and maybe even her ranch. How can she find a way to keep the men she loves and still be a successful rancher in an industry dominated by men?

Truth and Seduction, Book 2
Word Count: 41,790, Cowboy M茅nage, M/F/M, bondage, fire play, sex toys
Sexy television investigative reporter Jessie McCallister has returned to Intrigue, Wyoming, after eleven years and wants it all鈥攈er career and her two high school dream men, hunky newspaper mogul Cody Callen and hot arson investigator Shane McKee. After she watches these brave men save a young boy from a burning building, she knows these heroes are still the ones for her. As the three of them investigate the fire and share information, they connect on an emotional and sexual level. However, after Jessie agrees not to expose the possible identity of the arsonist because it may harm the station's bottom line, Cody and Shane's rock-solid belief in telling the truth forces them to set her free. What does she have to do to win back their respect and love?

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Pleasure Mt. 1 - Chelseas-Pleasure - Melody S. Monroe.epub 214.92 KBs
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