Light (Tell Me Why #85)(gnv64) - Manorama
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Light (Tell Me Why #85)(gnv64) - Manorama

Written by Manorama
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Light (Tell Me Why #85)
All about the amazing world of Optics
By Manorama
Manorama | October 2013 | PDF | 98 pages | 15.7 mb
scanned to PDF by me.

Lead, Kindly Light
From the beginning of time, Man has been fascinated by the phenomenon of light. Our forefathers believed that our eyes sent out light so that we could see things. Yet, there were many enquiring minds that were not satisfied with this explanation. The questions raised by them triggered the study of light, and this eventually evolved into the science of Optics.
The trailblazers in the field of Optics identified light as a form of energy that travels at the incredible speed of 299,792, 458 metres per second in a vacuum! It is not just the speed of light that is amazing - every aspect of it captivates, entrances, and boggles the mind. As Diwali, the glorious festival of lights, approaches, get ready to be transported into the wondrous world of light, in this exciting issue of Tell Me Why.

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