Liberty Springs, Wyoming - Kaliana Cole
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Liberty Springs, Wyoming - Kaliana Cole

Written by Kaliana Cole
Series: Liberty Springs, Wyoming
Language: English

No Bag Limit (MFMM)
Liberty Springs, Wyoming 1

By: Kaliana Cole

Emma Duncan is independent, reserved, and prickly as hell, a spitfire with enough secrets to keep her living behind fortified walls. Ty Whelan is convinced Emma is the wild, willing, and strong woman he and his brothers have waited half their lifetime for.

But the romance author鈥檚 past has chased her to the town of Liberty Springs, Wyoming.

Psychological scars hold her back from embracing the carnal bliss and emotional security the Whelans offer, while a twisted madman threatens her very existence.

Emma strives to overcome the grip of a man who has terrorized her for half a decade and admit that she has room in her heart for Zach and Colby as well as Ty.

With hard bodies and big hearts, they entice her to accept all they have to offer and revel in the affections of three very different men...

Because, girls, there鈥檚 "no bag limit" in Liberty Springs.

Hook, Line and Sinker (MF)
Liberty Springs, Wyoming 2

By: Kaliana Cole

Jory Raines is a legend within the D/s club scene. His voice alone can do more for a sub than two lesser men and a chest full of toys.

When Bailey Verne breezes back into his life, scarred from her efforts to embrace the submission he likes in a woman, his vaunted self-control is shot to hell.

With her gilded curls and siren's body, Bailey tempts him more sorely than any other woman ever has. Her sassy mouth and blatant sexuality may threaten his sanity, but her bravery and resilience captivate him as she openly embraces the parts of him kept ruthlessly restrained.

From Denver鈥檚 underground club scene to Jory鈥檚 own dungeon of depraved pleasures, just who is leading who down the devil鈥檚 path is in serious question.

Bailey embarks on a fishing trip to land the catch of her life, and take Jory Raines off the market for good.

Tag and Release (MFM)
Liberty Springs, Wyoming 3

By: Kaliana Cole

Brody and Luke Marshall are used to getting everything their own way when it comes to women, playing a carnal game of tag and release as they rock from conquest to conquest, but a new neighbor sits their perfect world on its head. Casey Buckley, tall, strong, and flame-haired, is everything they鈥檝e never had in a woman鈥攂razen, bold, and nobody鈥檚 doormat.

Casey thinks she can indulge in a little carnal gratification and walk away, but her heart is in danger of being snared by their seductive charms.

Luke knows she is something special, the one to end all others, but his domineering brother has been burned too badly to trust anything with two X chromosomes. Before Brody can accept they鈥檝e caught the one too special to.

Open Season (MFM)
Liberty Springs, Wyoming 4

By: Kaliana Cole

鈥淭hose two can't share a goddamn wrench. They don't have a hope in hell of sharing a woman.鈥?br />
Danny Blake has never held a woman longer than it took to say good-bye, and Jack Taylor has been plagued by shallow, scheming, trophy hunters. When they both set their sights on the timid little virgin, no one believes it's going to work, least of all them. But even as Dale McCabe falls for them, they realize she needs a chance to settle into her new life before they make her theirs.

Jory Raines has every reason to want his little sister as far as possible from the two ex-rangers, but he extracts a promise from them instead. Their pants are to stay on until her birthday.

Dale is not impressed at having her sexual education cut short and embarks on a mission to bend them to her will before Jory declares open season on her twenty-fifth birthday.

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