Knit ‘N Style #171 Feb 2011
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Knit 'N Style #171 Feb 2011

The Gallery
Brigitte’s Coat of Many Colors
Striped Sweater Coat
Penelope’s Coat
Mill Creek Wrap
Saturday Style
Cables & Ladders Pullover
Dolman Cable Pullover
Cropped-Sleeve Cardigan
Kimi Kimono
Jacquard Vest
Luxury Vest
Lace-Trimmed Rib Pullover
Zaria Jacket
Meadows Jacket
Alpaca Cable Pullover
Fair Isle Pullover & Crochet Scarf
Norse Fair Isle Jacket
Dream Big Chunky
Fitted Jacket
Casual Ribbed Pullover
Glitter Queen Wrap
Valentine Garter
Dutch Cowl
Argyle Hat & Mittens
Samantha’s Shawl
3 x 3 Scarf
Bold Stripe Cowl
Mitered Scarf
Rose Petal Pullover
Garter Stripes Toddler Set
Get to Know
Frog Tree Yarns: A Gauge for Community
by Kathy Blumenstock

Save the Children
& Warm Up America
Campaign to Save Thousands
of Newborns’ Lives

The Knitting Guild Association
Serving Knitters for Over 25 Years

The Melissa Leapman
Knit & Crochet Collection
Nubby Jackets

So Glad You Asked
The Pleasure of Enhanced Knitting
by Leslye Solomon

Lorna’s Helpful Hints for Hand-Dyes
Almost-Solid Hand-Dyed Yarns
by Lorna Miser

Swirling Vest
by Lorna Miser

Hand Knit Workshop
Design a Triangular Shawl
by Margaret Radcliffe

Machine Knit Workshop
Creating Eyelets on Your Machine
by Kathy Perry

Machine Knit Ribbons & Lace Purse
by Kathy Perry

The Yarn Salon
February Yarn Review
by Cynthia Yanok
'N Style Departments
The Editor’s Notes: Knitting for Charity
'n Style Book Reviews
Have You Seen?
‘n Style Marketplace
In Every Issue
Knitting Abbreviations
Source of Supply
Index of Advertisers
Yarn Shops

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