International Championship Chess - Bozidar M Kazic
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International Championship Chess - Bozidar M Kazic

Written by Bozidar M Kazic
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International Championship Chess - A complete record of FIDE events (till 1973)
By Bozidar M Kazic
Pitman Publishing Corporation | January 1974 | ISBN 0-273-07078-9 | PDF | 360 pages | 13.7 mb
scanned to PDF by me.

Competitions for the official World Championship, held under the management of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) are a source of special interest.
This book is devoted to these individual and team competitions, offering facts and a brief chronicle of their evolution. It also contains data on the activities of FIDE, which was founded half a century ago, on national chess federations, international grandmasters and masters. International Championship Chess is an unrivalled work of reference for every serious chess player. It records all the major international chess events held under the auspices of F I DE (the World Chess Federation) the most important of which are the Men's World Championship and the Olympiads (World Team Championships) - from their inception to the present day.
The other events covered in detail include t he Women's events, the World Student Championship, the European Championship, the Interzonals and Candidates' competitions, correspondence chess and chess for the blind.
There are also lists of grandmasters and international masters and a specially written article by the former world champion Mikhail Botvinnik.
273 selected games, a multitude of records and many photographs illustrate the story told by Bozidar Kazic, one of Yugoslavia's foremost chess journalists and one of the leading officials of t h e World Chess Federation. Kazic has first-hand knowledge of many of the events he describes, notably the Fischer- Taimanov Candidates' Match of 1971 which he refereed.

List of Illustrations iv
Foreword by the President of FIDE, Dr M. Euwe v
Acknowledgements vi
Introduction vii
List of abbreviations viii
1 The World Chess Federation - Champion of
Co-operation and Friendship 1
2 The Chess Olympiads 3
3 The Women's Chess Olympiads 125
4 The World Student Team Championship 134
5 Marathon Interzonal Tournaments 160
6 Candidates Tournaments and Matches 180
7 World Champions and their Challengers 203
8 Botvinnik on his Meetings with World Champions 244
9 The Women's World Championship 251
10 Women World Chess Champions 259
11 The World Junior Championships 269
12 The Regional Competitions 288
13 International Correspondence Chess Federation 292
14 The Permanent FIDE Commission for Chess Compositions 300
15 International Braille Chess Association 304
16 International Chess Title-holders 307
17 The World Chess Federation (Address List) 336
Index of Games and Positions 357

About the author (as in 1974)
Bozidar M. Kazic is a prominent Yugoslav chess official, an international chess referee, member of the FIDE Bureau and a journalist. He is the Secretary-General of the Yugoslav Chess Federation, and as of 1960 a permanent delegate to FIDE. He took part in the first Yugoslav Chess Championship in 1945. He was the winner of the 1954 Yugoslav Correspondence Championship. He was the head referee at the match between the USSR and the World in Belgrade, 1970; the Fischer-Taimanov match in Vancouver, 1971; and many other competitions.
He has written several books and publications on chess : A Chess Handbook, a book in conjunction with M. Yudovich on matches between the USSR and Yugoslavia, as well as a book on the Candidates' Matches of 1968. As a journalist for the Yugoslav news agency Tanjug, he has written many prominent chess commentaries and interviews which were given wide coverage in all Yugoslav papers. He was this agency's on-the-spot reporter at the Fischer-Spassky match in Reykjavik. Tanjug was the first news agency in the world to announce that Fischer had become the new world champion. Its reporter was the first to call in that Spassky had resigned the 21st game of the match.

This is an old and rare chess book of mine that I have scanned to share with you. Its true till 1973 and may be out of print by now.

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