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Horizontalism Voices of Popular Power in Argentina - Marina Sitrin

Written by Marina Sitrin
Format(s): PDF
Language: English

Publication Date: December 1, 2006

Chosen by Rebecca Solnit for her "Secret Library of Hope: 12 Books to Stiffen Your Resolve" (Dec. 2007).

“The movements in Argentina have been among the most creative and inspirational in recent years. Marina Sitrin’s collection allows us to learn from the activists themselves and continue the experiments in autonomy and democracy they have begun.”—Michael Hardt, co-author of Empire

“...a fascinating account about what is fresh and new about the Argentine uprising.”—John Holloway, author of Change the World Without Taking Power

The popular rebellion that began in December 2001 in Argentina with the IMF melt-down and subsequent capital flight sparked a process of creativity that continues to this day. Different from so many social movements of the past, this rebellion rejects political programs, opting instead to create directly democratic spaces on street corners, in factories, and throughout neighborhoods. Many have come to call this new social relationship, “horizontalidad.”

Horizontalism is an oral history of the exciting transformations taking place since the popular rebellion. It is a story of cooperation, vision, creation and discovery. It is a history told by people in the various autonomous social movements, from the occupied factories, neighborhood assemblies, arts and independent media collectives, to the indigenous communities and unemployed workers movements.

Marina Sitrin is a New York City-based lawyer, writer, and activist who has spent large portions of the past three years in Argentina. Her work has appeared in Left Turn and Perspectives.


Marina Sitrin holds a PhD in Global Sociology and a JD in International Women's Human Rights. She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Committee on Globalization and Social Change at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York. Marina is a participant in the Occupy movement in the US as well as collaborates with various movements globally.

For more information and links to articles, essays, chapters and other writing and reflections by Marina, go to

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