Guitar Amps & Effects For Dummies - Dave Hunter
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Guitar Amps & Effects For Dummies - Dave Hunter

Written by Dave Hunter
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[quote][b]Title:[/b] Guitar Amps & Effects For Dummies
[b]Author:[/b] Dave Hunter
[b]ISBN:[/b] 9781118900000
[b]ASIN:[/b] B00MODPX4Y
[b]Publisher:[/b] Wiley (August 11, 2014)
[b]Genres:[/b] Nonfiction, Arts & Photography, Music, Instruments, Guitar
[b]Formats:[/b] Retail .azw3, Retail .epub, and Retail .PDF[/quote]

[b]Learn the secrets to achieving your ultimate sound[/b]

Whether amateur or pro, guitarists live for the ultimate sound. [i]Guitar Amps & Effects For Dummies[/i] provides the information and instruction you need to discover that sound and make it your own! Written in the characteristically easy-to-read [i]Dummies[/i] style, this book is ideal for beginners and experienced musicians alike, and can help all players expand their skill set with effects. Guitarists tend to be gearheads when it comes to sound, and this book provides guidance on topics ranging from the guitar itself to amps, pedals, and other sound technology.

Amps and effects are the unsung heroes of guitar music. While most people recognize the more psychedelic effects, many don't realize that effects are often responsible for the unique quality of tone that can become a musician's trademark. Certain effects work on the volume or signal level, others work on the environment, and still others work on the bass and treble content. [i]Guitar Amps & Effects For Dummies[/i] covers them all, and shows how effects can not only add something extra, but also "fix" problematic areas. Topics include:

• Gain-based effects, like distortion, compression, volume pedals, and gates
• Tone-based effects, including graphic and parametric EQ, and the wah-wah pedal
• Modulation effects, like the flanger, phase shifter, and tremolo
• Ambience effects, including reverb and delay

The journey to incredible guitar music never ends. No matter how experienced you are with a guitar, there is always room for improvement to your tone and sound. Whether you're looking for the sound of angels or thunder, [i]Guitar Amps & Effects For Dummies[/i] will help you achieve the music you hear in your dreams.


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