Gargoyles #1-8 (SLG Comic)
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Gargoyles #1-8 (SLG Comic)

Gargoyles is a bimonthly comic book produced by Slave Labor Graphics and Creature Comics and written by series creator Greg Weisman starting in 2006. It continues the storyline of the animated television series Gargoyles from the syndicated episodes. In doing so, this series largely supplants the events of the ABC Television Network sequel series, The Goliath Chronicles, which both Weisman and most fans regard as of unacceptably poor quality. The continuation of the animated Disney series, which picks up after the climactic 3-part series finale, "Hunter's Moon", at the end of the second season. The first two issues of the comic translate the only third season (The Goliath Chronicles) episode Weisman considers to be canon, "The Journey" (which he wrote), with issue #3 beginning the new storyline. Weisman has confirmed that the comic starts in 1996, just after the conclusion of the final episode of the series' second season. Issue #10 will be the first issue set in 1997. In June 2005, it was announced that a series of Disney-licensed, bi-monthly Gargoyles comic books would be created by Slave Labor Graphics in association with Gargoyles #1 was released on June 21, 2006 and promptly sold out, ensuring a second printing. After an extended delay, Gargoyles #2 was released on December 13, 2006. Following another delay Gargoyles #3 was released on March 28, 2007. Issue #3 contains the first all-new canon stories in ten years. Subsequent issues were released without delay with the exception of Gargoyles #6, which appeared October 10, 2007. This issue also contains an error. The artwork on page 12 and 16 were switched, even though the text is correct. Slave Labor has acknowledged this error and the corrected issue was reprinted on November 14th. Gargoyles #7 was released December 12, 2007. Gargoyles #8 was released on March 26, 2008.
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