Galactic Republic - Unknown
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Galactic Republic - Unknown

Written by Unknown
Series: Star Wars
Format(s): EPUB
Language: English

This torrent contains all of the major Star Wars novels from the Galactic
Republic era that have been released to date. This is slightly different from
the offical era, in that it encompasses everything upto the birth of the empire
in Episode III, apart from the Old Republic era. All of these are based on the
retail ePubs; big thanks go to kileko for providing these.

IMPORTANT: If you like a book, please support the author by buying the book.
I recommend buying the real, dead-tree version and not the eBook.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: I started doing this because I was dismayed at the quality of eBooks I could
find, just getting them to a condition where it didn't hurt to read them.
As I started spending some time on this, I thought that I could share my hard
work with others.

Q: Help! The book won't read on my reader!
A: Some readers are not fully compliant with the ePub standard.
The main cause for this that I have seen so far, is readers that use Adobe
ADE (such as Sony PRS readers). ADE has a maximum limit for how large the
internal files of an ePub can be.
The easiest way to fix this, is to use Calibre to perform a conversion
from ePub to ePub; this will split the internal files to smaller chunks
(and add a whole lot of unncessary formating to the files).

Q: My reader only supports format , why are you only releasing in ePub?
ePub is a nice and open format, which makes it easy to work with.
If you need another format, I suggest using Calibre to convert to the format
you need.

Q: What are you doing to the books?
A: Basically, I copy the contents of a book from an existing epub into a new
template, which will ensure proper and uniform formating and ToC generation.
For some books, I do a more thorough job of verifying and adding as necessary
the breaks and paragraphs that were not present in the original source; adding
markup such as italics.
As I read the books myself, I use my Kindle to note where there are errors, and
then go back in to fix these if possible.

Q: How are you doing it?
A: I use Calibre to keep track of my collection, and to convert between
formats. After getting the books into .epub format, I extract the contents.
Instead of altering the existing files, I have a template I use to create a
new book. This template has all the requisite hooks for chapters and ToC
generation, so I then extract the content from the books, and run it through
a special search-and-replace program I created to help me convert the symbols
to better-looking UTF-8 symbols. I then clean up any extraneous formating,
which is abundant in books created by word (or other WYSIWYG editors), or from
Calibre's conversion process. Lastly, I run the new file through FlightCrew to
ensure conformity to the ePub standard.

* Eclipse (
* FlightCrew (
* Calibre (

Q: What are the versions?
A: All books that I deem fit-for-publishing start out as v1. If I make changes,
either due to feedback, my own proofreading, updated meta-data, or any other
reason I create a new version, to be bundled in the next update.

Q: Why won't you recommend retail ePubs?
A: There are two main reasons for this:
a) I have yet to find a retail ePub that actually conforms to the ePub
b) Most publishers have this strange notion that a virtual copy should cost
more then a physical copy (compared to paperbacks).

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Info Hash:fa4ad9af6b0cf07145f227005484c3a020d64ac5
Creation Date:Sun, 13 May 2012 23:50:52 +0400
This is a Multifile Torrent
Cloak of Deception, by James Luceno (v1.0).epub 254.22 KBs
Darth Maul - Saboteur, by James Luceno (v1.0).epub 181.13 KBs
Darth Maul - Shadow Hunter, by Michael Reaves (v1.0).epub 243.82 KBs
Darth Plagueis, by James Luceno (v1.0).epub 426.08 KBs
Jedi Trial, by David Sherman and Dan Cragg (v1.0).epub 382.56 KBs
Labyrinth of Evil, by James Luceno (v1.0).epub 401.81 KBs
MedStar #1 - Battle Surgeons, by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry (v1.0).epub 354.41 KBs
MedStar #2 - Jedi Healer, by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry (v1.0).epub 358.06 KBs
Outbound Flight, by Timothy Zahn (v1.0).epub 667.28 KBs
readme.txt 3.44 KBs
Republic Commando #1 - Hard Contact, by Karen Traviss (v1.0).epub 363.51 KBs
Republic Commando #2 - Triple Zero, by Karen Traviss (v1.0).epub 460.57 KBs
Republic Commando #3 - True Colors, by Karen Traviss (v1.0).epub 503.91 KBs
Republic Commando #4 - Order 66, by Karen Traviss (v1.0).epub 542.55 KBs
Republic Commando - Omega Squad - Targets, by Karen Traviss (v1.0).epub 400.55 KBs
Rogue Planet, by Greg Bear (v1.0).epub 235.98 KBs
Shatterpoint, by Matthew W. Stover (v1.0).epub 487.98 KBs
The Approaching Storm, by Alan Dean Foster (v1.0).epub 421.49 KBs
The Cestus Deception, by Steven Barnes (v1.0).epub 451.81 KBs
The Clone Wars #1, by Karen Traviss (v1.0).epub 298.32 KBs
The Clone Wars #2 - Wild Space, by Karen Miller (v1.0).epub 413.79 KBs
The Clone Wars #3 - No Prisoners, by Karen Traviss (v1.0).epub 319.93 KBs
The Clone Wars #4 - Gambit - Stealth, by Karen Miller (v1.0).epub 410.42 KBs
The Clone Wars #5 - Gambit - Siege, by Karen Miller (v1.0).epub 422.69 KBs
The Hive, by Steven Barnes (v1.0).epub 238.38 KBs
Torrent downloaded from 46 Bytes
Yoda - Dark Rendezvous, by Sean Stewart (v1.0).epub 317.64 KBs
Combined File Size:9.34 MBs
Piece Size:32 KBs
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