Gail Faulkner Collection - Gail Faulkner
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Gail Faulkner Collection - Gail Faulkner

Written by Gail Faulkner
Language: English

Ghost Unit

**01 Full Ride
Prin nervously crossed her legs and signed the contract. Was she crazy? Yes! Crazy, desperate, and all things people are when they agree to do something insane. She held a contract outlining one night of submission to a stranger! Submission so complete, his requirements for preparation before presentation of herself to him made her blush while her womb tightened in anticipation.
She would do anything to escape the dreams. Would this work? God, she hoped so. Wrenching dreams that came almost every night. The man in them never varied, his control of her body and its responses drove her to the edge of sanity. She'd wake up screaming for release, finding nothing but wet sheets and an empty house.
Tall, dark and dominate, he'd long since accepted being alone for this lifetime. He'd met his lady, lover and submissive, but only in the dreams. Dream Walking is a door to the past or future, but never the present.
She entered the suite and the unimaginable reality of his woman alive in this time exploded across his brain. She assumed the required stance. Now, spread naked before him stood everything he'd never dared hope for

**02 Slip Knot
Rem has found the woman he needs. Recently retired from Special Forces, he's seen the worst the world has to offer. Like a caged beast gazing at freedom, he's hungered for Kathryn from their first encounter. Accidentally discovering her dark, sexual side only fuels his obsession with the elusive, delectable body she inhabits. Rem is determined to become her lover. If he can capture her sexually, he'll find a way to hold onto her.
Kathryn is intent on shedding her bleak past. But the past has a way of biting a person on the butt. Sinister and deadly, it follows her into her new life. Rem's protection is heavenly, if only she can remember he's doing it because his sister is in danger as well.
The danger stalking them catches Kathryn in its deadly grip. Nothing in his life has prepared Rem to watch his love suffer its rage. The beast leashed within his soul for so long knows what to do. Loving her with everything he is, or ever was, is the price he will pay for redemption.

**03 Wanna Play
Even her walk made him swallow. The stroll of a huntress-a little arrogant, a lot dangerous. Damn, he loved danger. He'd never seen menace so perfectly packaged.Jas watched the beast try to look harmless as he entered her world. Testosterone-enhanced confidence rolled off him. He was muscle and guile below the face of a naughty angel. Summoned by someone she trusted to solve her problems, Jas wanted to trust him and, ohhh baby, she wanted to play with that beast.It would have been Blaster's pleasure to take care of whatever threatened her but earning her trust required respecting her right to combat. What drove him crazy was she wouldn't let him be the shield at her back as she did it.


**Into His Keeping
She became the air he breathed. Her passionate gift of surrender matched his dominant soul. Then she was gone. He'd never accepted that she'd wanted to leave. Ensuring she could find her way back to him was the drive that shaped him. Fifteen years later it was way past time to accept she'd chosen not to return.
Second chances were wishful thinking. Jill wasn't looking for one. She didn't have time for pipe dreams and she had no illusions about the stranger Holdin had become. Famous, rich and now retired from football, he might not remember her. If he did, he might not care to hear what actually happened so long ago. She desperately hoped she had something he would care about though.
A second chance was all Holdin needed. Ensuring possession of Jill was a battle he intended to win.

After she survived a tragic accident at age ten, doctors discovered Lauren's heart was damaged. Her young life was consumed with recovery and the long wait for an organ donor. Two years after a successful transplant and free at last, Lauren is now a woman who needs to play and explore.
He is tall, dark and Texan, with a scandalous reputation for delivering sinful satisfaction. A wicked cowboy and no strings attached, what more could a good girl looking to go just a little bit bad ask for?
Romeo Monero is damn good at satisfying women. Accustomed to the total control and gratifying freedom a wealthy bachelor enjoys, he's unprepared to discover his true heart beats in a curvy bundle who's out to indulge every pleasure she's missed.
His reputation makes it tough to persuade the budding seductress he's the only guy to fulfill her heart's desires. Then there's his annoying gang of cousins, who are convinced this woman will take him down a peg or six.
Romeo has one weekend to convince her to come and play with him鈥攆orever.
A cowboy will do whatever it takes to bring his woman home.

**Jamie's Cherub
Jamie MacKelvin is Alpha Prime, king of the shape shifter wolves-and alone. Driven by duty, honor and the heritage of Alpha Primes, he's long since given up finding the one female who is his. Emma's dark history has given her a beautiful daughter and the horrifying discovery that humans are not alone on Earth. The last thing Emma needs is a complex anybody, much less a dominant Alpha King. Even if she wasn't his biological mate, he'd love her gentle heart, brave soul and intoxicatingly full figure. Claiming a reluctant mate is difficult-keeping her, the most dangerous thing they will ever do. Emma and her daughter are unwitting keys in an ancient battle for power. Ensuring their future will require a horrific price. Jamie is prepared to pay with anything except Emma. Her trust in him as Master is the one thing that can save her, and Jamie will stop at nothing to acquire it, even if the cost is losing her ability to love him. Grimly he clings to the belief that mate bond is the last wildcard even the fates
can't control.

**Stealing Carmen
Jack knew all about secrets. The government trusted him to keep them, find them, exploit them. Home for a short rest from that world, he hadn't meant to overhear his sexy neighbor's darkest desires. Being the focus of those wicked wishes was news to him.
Introducing Carmen to the fantasy of being a submissive was a mission he didn't expect to last long. He certainly didn't expect her to show him natural sensuality that brought him to his knees.
A lifetime of looking at the other side of the fence brought a man to this. Investing more than he could afford and it wasn't cash. Carmen came with a dangerous price. One he'd willingly pay to keep this woman safe in his arms.

Darius Gail Faulkner Darius was used to making a primal impression. Ex-Navy flyer, reasonably good-looking and gainfully employed in the manly profession of Alaskan bush and rescue team pilot, normally generated some interest. Since when did a woman look right through him? He'd come up with a strategy to casually insert himself in Dr. Jesse Reese's life while displaying his finest qualities. It failed. Betrayed by a raging hard-on that created a black hole where his witty brain used to be, he was fresh out of ideas. Unwilling to let her slip away, he'd almost been forced to simply ask her out when he discovered the manuals. Instructional manuals for the erotic capture of a modern woman. He'd studied ten of them and was now ready to implement a bold plan to gain the most elusive prize. His saucy little heroine. The new plan worked. Right up to the part where he takes complete control and she adores him for it. Saucy little heroine types come with their own plans and a few surprises.
There should be a warning-being a hero is damn hard work. When done after forty, can cause serious muscle pain.

**Ask For It
Five years ago Sahara refused Tor in favor of her late husband. Widow of a Leonor warrior, she is out of reach, even for the high king. Goddess help him, this woman strips his soul to the savage core, and enduring it is eating through his control. Little sister-in-law normally avoids him at all costs. Seeing her in line for an audience is a surprise. Not as humanoid as she looks, Sahara is out of time in a very intimate way.Getting her beneath him now is a risk. Sahara summons the dominant lion within, but losing this woman a second time is not an option. The surrender he requires is the one thing she needs to give, and Tor realizes he had no idea what sexual hunger was before. Now he understands the violence of that distant age when her kind walked his world.What he will not allow is for her sacrifice to be the blood price of peace. The future will be theirs, even if it's his blood purchasing it."These Lions are big and dominant. They fight to kill and love 'til death. Nothing is taboo when it comes to their females and the pleasure these males take so much pride in providing."

**Any Price
Baby girl had run out of time to get to know him. Being under him while he explained the nature of their relationship was her only option.
Lore didn鈥檛 mind trading deadly intentions with an enemy, but letting go of Kenna was not going to happen. The bastard hunting her had a short future that was about to end badly.
Kenna needed him. This wasn鈥檛 lust or even obsession. No, those words paled against the blue flame of his hold on her. But modern women are not overwhelmingly eager to spread for the big man鈥檚 pleasure. So it was time to light a candle for the demise of her modern woman.

**Wicked Beast
Cord had waited a damn long time for the end of the world. He鈥檇 starved for most of those eons and was frankly pissed it had taken so long to get here. Relief at last, time to go kill. An animal designed to destroy, Cord wasn鈥檛 prepared for the astonishing instincts that overpowered everything he had thought he was. What he wanted more than life, more than the freedom of death was something he couldn鈥檛 gather, command or capture鈥擪elly.
There wasn鈥檛 anything Kelly wouldn鈥檛 do to protect her precious, gifted daughter. No act too humiliating, no job too difficult. Being the one thing the air dragon could not live without wasn鈥檛 exactly hard labor, and the humiliation part so shockingly sensual it changed who she was. The problem she was having were the new items on her 鈥渢o do鈥?list鈥?br />

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