Frankie J. Jones Collection - Frankie J. Jones
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Frankie J. Jones Collection - Frankie J. Jones

Written by Frankie J. Jones
Language: English

Captive Heart
Money can't buy happiness ... but it can sure rent a lot of it. And with her rich daddy paying the rent, twenty-eight-year-old C. J. Riley lives in a world of fast cars, willing women and zero responsibility. Attractive, arrogant, charming when-she-wants-to-be, C. J. is used to getting what she wants, when she wants it ... until she is pulled over for speeding by San Antonio Police Officer Lois Franklin. Intense and by-the-book, the tall, tanned cop is not impressed by C. J.'s wealth or her advances. Never one to resist a challenge, C. J. sets out to add Lois to her conquests -- unaware that a shocking chain of events is about to unfold. Events that will forever change her life -- and her heart.

Rhythm Tide
A woman's journey from the torment of the past leads to a hidden place in her heart... a place that only another woman can touch.
Despondent after years of abuse, Clara Webster decides to end it all and swims out into the deep waters of the Texas Gulf. Totally exhausted, she surrenders to the relentless pull of the tide -- but sinks, rather, into the embrace of her would-be rescuer. Struggling to free herself from capture, Clara nearly drowns the intervening woman and ends up saving her life instead. The woman, recluse artist Randi Kosub, invites Clara to stay with her for a while. Distraught and with nowhere else to go, Clara accepts.
While Clara strives to repair her life, the two women grow close and begin to fall in love. With Randi at her side, Clara realizes that her life is indeed worth living. In Randi's arms, she learns for the first time how it feels to desire passionately -- and how it feels to be passionately desired.
When her young son is seriously injured in an accident, Clara rashes home to him, into the grip of her vengeful husband, who has no intention of letting her go. Caught in swirling crosscurrents of past and present, Clara is forced to make a devastating choice...

The Road Home
After finding the lottery ticket, Lynn and Crissy try to call the man back, but he blows them off and roars out of the parking lot, but not before Lynn notices his personalised plate Mr Big. On the morning after the Lottot draw Lynn goes to work at her day job at a car wash and remembers the ticket in her wallet. Upon checking it, her life takes a drastic turn and she soon discovers wealth isn't all it's cracked up to be - not even thirty two million dollars. Searching for this mysterious Mr Big will force Lynn to go on an adventure of a lifetime and learn what true wealth is.

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