First Aid - V.M.Buyanov
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First Aid  - V.M.Buyanov

Written by V.M.Buyanov
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First Aid
By V.M.Buyanov
Translated from the Russian by Elena Koltsova
Mir Publishers | 1985 | ISBN - N/A | PDF | 230 pages | 7.2 mb
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First aid is a combination of the emergency medical measures used in case of sudden ill-ness or accident. The first aid rendered on the spot or as the victim is being transported to medical facilities may vary and is classified as follows:
(1) unskilled first aid rendered by a layman who often has none of the necessary means or medicines;
(2) qualified first aid (before the arrival of a doctor) rendered by a specially trained medical worker (medical technician", nurse, laboratory or dental technician);
(3) first aid rendered by a doctor who has the necessary instruments, apparatus, medicines, blood and blood substitutes, and so on at his disposal.
The textbook deals with general concepts and essentials of First Aid in various accidents and sudden illnesses. General problems discussed in the book include the concepts of asepsis and antisepsis, the principles of applying bandages and basic aspects and methods of resuscitation. First Aid in haemorrhages, wounds, injuries to the soft tissues and bones, electric shock, heat- and sun-stroke, poisoning, acute surgical and non-surgical diseases, and emergency labour are dealt with in detail.

Introduction 9
Chapter I. Essentials of Antisepsis and Asepsis 13
Chapter 2. Techniques for Applying Bandages 31
Chapter 3. General Principles for Rendering First Aid 54
Chapter 4. Shock 75
Chapter 5. Principles and Methods of Resuscitation 80
Chapter 6. First Aid for Haemorrhages 101
Chapter 7. First Aid in Wounds Wounds 125
Chapter 8. First Aid in Injuries to the Soft Tissues, Joints and Bones 138
Chapter 9. First Aid for Burns and Frostbite 152
Chapter 10. First Aid for Accidents and Sudden Illness 161
Chapter 11. Care of Patients: Elements of Rendering First Aid 200
Supplement 1. Table of Common Poisons and Their Antidotes 206
Supplement 2. Specific (Antidote) Treatment of Acute Poisoning 211
Supplement 3. Hypothetical Situations for Studying the Principles of First Aid: Tasks for Self-control 214
Subject Index 224

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