Clearvigil in Spring - Miguel Angel Asturias
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Clearvigil in Spring - Miguel Angel Asturias

Written by Miguel Angel Asturias
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Paul Valery called Miguel Angel Asturiase?Legends of Guatemala (Leyendas de Guatemala) a collection of \"history-dream-poems,\" and the same description applies to Clearvigil in Spring (Clarivigilia Primaveral), a history-dream-poem in which Asturias鈥?winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1967 e?evokes the creation of artists by the Maya gods, distancing himself entirely from the known texts. But these primitive artists are destroyed, according to this poem which in itself is a legend, by earthborn forces inimical to arts and magics. The earth is subjected to punishment by fire and water, and when centuries later it is reborn, the expression of artistic beauty is entrusted in painting to birds of beautiful plumage, in music and song to birds of prodigious throat, and in sculpture to rocky hills and stones shaped like animals. The Maya gods, observing that all of these things are beautiful but do not possess magic, once again create artists, or those entrusted with magic, and to keep them from being destroyed, place them in the four corners of the sky. But these artists spend their time flattering the gods and creating works for the taste and liking of the divinities, forgetting about man. As a result, for the second time the artists created by the gods stand at the brink of destruction. Heavenly forces pursue them and wound them, and from the wounded arts emerges humanized art, the art of all for all. In this poem-legend we encounter word plays, onomatopeias and myths translated to epic form in a creation ever more American, more characteristic, more authentic, and unconnected to the literatures of Europe.

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