Catherine Friend Collection - Catherine Friend
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Catherine Friend Collection - Catherine Friend

Written by Catherine Friend
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The Spanish Pearl
When Kate Vincent and her partner travel to Spain, Kate is accidentally transported back in time...way back in 1085. What does a woman like Kate do in a world of no antibiotics, no feminism, no Diet Coke? She denies it as long as possible, then sets her mind to getting home. Tricky with her now useless twenty-first century skills.

Things don't go well. Kate is captured by a band of mercenary soldiers and becomes an unwitting pawn in the violent conflict between the Catholic kings and the Islamic Moors. In her struggle to stay alive and return to the future, Kate must flee exotic harems, filthy dungeons, and treacherous Moorish courts. But when a sword-brandishing woman with an astonishing secret sweeps into Kate's life, Kate is suddenly torn between two women, and between two centuries.

The Spanish Pearl is an epic adventure spiced with humor, lust, and danger鈥攁 story with surprising twists that will capture your imagination just as Kate's dilemma captures your heart.

The Crown of Valencia
It's tempting to describe the actinon in The Crown of Valencia, but then we'd reveal spoilers from The Spanish Pearl.Just know that once again, Kate Vincent finds herself in a mess, both romantically and time travel-wise. Romance, betrayal, intrigue, disobedient children,and religious fanaticism pack this tense conclusion to the epic adventure begun in The Spanish Pearl.

A Pirate's Heart
Four women, a long-lost treasure, and more than one 鈥渢hief of hearts鈥?share a destiny beyond time.

To foil a map thief, librarian Emma Boyd searches for a pirate's long-lost treasure map. She鈥檚 aided in her search by investigator Randi Marx, who proves to be as frustrating as she is beautiful. The treasure map Emma and Randi seek belonged to Thomasina Farris, a pirate who disappeared from the Caribbean in 1715. Did Captain Tommy steal an entire treasure from a Spanish galleon and escape? Was she convicted of piracy and hanged by her neck? Did she die of a broken heart when she lost the woman she loved?

In her race to find the map, Emma learns that pirates not only steal treasure, but they also steal hearts. When Emma discovers Captain Tommy鈥檚 fate, she must decide her own as well, choosing between romance...or revenge.

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