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The business of business. Workflow, project management, keeping projects on target, brainstorming, scope creep, building and working with teams. The creative process. Ideas and inspiration. All the messy stuff that happens inside of your projects. Communicating with clients and colleagues. Selling and many more tutorial ebooks.

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Tags: Aura  Brain  Doc  Dreaming  Ebook  Kindle  Lit  Lucid  Mobi  NLP  Pdf  Psychology  Refernece  Self Development  Sex  Singularity 

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Calibre Library

Seeds: 43
Peers: 5
Completed Downloads: 704
File Size: 239.16 MBs

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Tags: Magic  Paranormal  Romance 

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Immortal Beloved - html - mobi - epub

Seeds: 88
Peers: 9
Completed Downloads: 637
File Size: 1.09 MBs

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Tags: Getting  Guide  Guided  Meditations  User  Vortex 

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Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations User Guide

Seeds: 16
Peers: 0
Completed Downloads: 524
File Size: 959.94 KBs

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Tags: Double  How-To  Learn  Power 

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How to Double Your Power to Learn

Seeds: 41
Peers: 5
Completed Downloads: 357
File Size: 3.39 MBs

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Tags: Critical Thinking  Epstein  Workbook 

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Workbook for Epstein's Critical Thinking, 3rd

Seeds: 60
Peers: 2
Completed Downloads: 312
File Size: 5.66 MBs

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