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A Programmer's Guide, Second Edition - James M. van Verth & Lars M. Bishop

Seeds: 34
Peers: 5
Completed Downloads: 369
File Size: 12.21 MBs

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Tags: Amazon:0131020099  Google:1hwR5gIq0I8C  Isbn:9780131020092 

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Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming - Daniel Sánchez-Crespo Dalmau

Seeds: 93
Peers: 1
Completed Downloads: 590
File Size: 10.23 MBs

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Tags: Amazon:0262220695  Google:_bmyEnUnfTsC  Isbn:9780262220699 

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Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming - Peter Van-Roy & Seif Haridi

Seeds: 76
Peers: 8
Completed Downloads: 623
File Size: 7.15 MBs

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Tags: Amazon:0735611319  Google:gYlQAAAAMAAJ  Isbn:9780735611313 

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The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software - Charles Petzold

Seeds: 50
Peers: 8
Completed Downloads: 463
File Size: 213.47 MBs

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Tags: Amazon:1931769249  Google:ZyplxzrS2LYC  Isbn:9781931769242 

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Effective Memory Usage - Kris Kaspersky

Seeds: 47
Peers: 9
Completed Downloads: 647
File Size: 22.37 MBs

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