Bridge of the Separator (The Videssos Books #12) - Harry Turtledove
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Bridge of the Separator (The Videssos Books #12)  - Harry Turtledove

Written by Harry Turtledove
Format(s): EPUB
Language: English

Rhavas was a good, holy, and pious man-and the cousin of the Avtokrator. He would probably have become ecumenical patriarch of the Empire in the capital, Videssos the city . . . if his world had not suddenly and tragically fallen apart when the Empire of Videssos erupted into civil war and the Khamorth barbarians swarm over the borders. As the home he loved was brutally sacked, Rhavas had to flee for his life, then make his way through lands swarming with fierce nomads and with soldiers loyal both to his cousin and to the rebel. He may never see Videssos the city again, let alone preside in its High Temple. He has always followed Phos, the god of light and goodness, Videssos' god, and despised evil rival Skotos. Those who fall off the Bridge of the Separator during judgment in the afterlife tumble down to Skotes' ice forevermore. But when evil seems to have swallowed the whole world, what is a cleric who reverences logic as well as goodness supposed to believe? It's a harder question than Rhavas wishes it were . . . particularly when he discovers that his wishes-or curses-now can kill. Has evil Skotos chosen Rhavas as his agent? And can Rhavas resist the temptation to strike anyone down who gets in his way?

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