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Books - Sarah Dessen

Written by Sarah Dessen
Format(s): EPUB
Language: English

Dreamland, Along for the ride, Keeping the Moon, Lock and Key, Someone Like You, That Summer, The Truth about Forever, This Lullaby, What happened to Goodbye

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Info Hash:5e72f061f580c51538c593a0e97a99ac69acf853
Creation Date:Thu, 16 May 2013 16:00:41 +0000
This is a Multifile Torrent
[2000] Dreamland (24729) [2000] Dreamland - Sarah Dessen.epub 207.45 KBs
[2000] Dreamland (24729) cover.jpg 25.04 KBs
[2000] Dreamland (24729) metadata.opf 4.89 KBs
Along for the Ride (24769) Along for the Ride - Sarah Dessen.epub 2.74 MBs
Along for the Ride (24769) cover.jpg 899.46 KBs
Along for the Ride (24769) metadata.opf 3.43 KBs
Keeping the Moon (24726) cover.jpg 31.98 KBs
Keeping the Moon (24726) Keeping the Moon - Sarah Dessen.epub 187.41 KBs
Keeping the Moon (24726) metadata.opf 2.76 KBs
Lock and Key (7147) cover.jpg 31.25 KBs
Lock and Key (7147) Lock and Key - Sarah Dessen.epub 328.59 KBs
Lock and Key (7147) metadata.opf 6.92 KBs
Someone like you (24723) cover.jpg 80.62 KBs
Someone like you (24723) metadata.opf 2.91 KBs
Someone like you (24723) Someone like you - Sarah Dessen.epub 487.06 KBs
That Summer (21688) cover.jpg 23.26 KBs
That Summer (21688) metadata.opf 7.12 KBs
That Summer (21688) That Summer - Sarah Dessen.epub 201.79 KBs
The Truth About Forever (7148) cover.jpg 25.8 KBs
The Truth About Forever (7148) metadata.opf 3.79 KBs
The Truth About Forever (7148) The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen.epub 348.21 KBs
This Lullaby (24724) cover.jpg 9 KBs
This Lullaby (24724) metadata.opf 3.54 KBs
This Lullaby (24724) This Lullaby - Sarah Dessen.epub 247.44 KBs
What Happened to Goodbye (18933) cover.jpg 35.13 KBs
What Happened to Goodbye (18933) metadata.opf 4.41 KBs
What Happened to Goodbye (18933) What Happened to Goodbye - Sarah Dessen.epub 503.56 KBs
Combined File Size:6.37 MBs
Piece Size:16 KBs
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