Anything 4 profit - Justin Amen Floyd
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Anything 4 profit - Justin Amen Floyd

Written by Justin Amen Floyd
Series: Anything 4 profit
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Language: English

Book Description
Publication Date: November 13, 2010
Extreme poverty, high unemployment rates, drugs, rape, murder, robbery, and extortion. This is the real 鈥淒irty South.鈥?A place with despair so thick it suffocates the community like a dark cloud and blocks off all rays of hope. Imagine being born into a world where life has little meaning.
For twin brother and sister Ant D and Meka, and their best friend, Mike these conditions are the norm of everyday existence. Like so many million Black youth living in third world conditions throughout America - the world鈥檚 richest country - the trio became products of an environment designed to see them dead or in jail before they could legally buy a drink!
Faced with these desolate conditions, the friends made a vow amongst themselves to do whatever it takes to escape the hopelessness that permeates their lives. Young and fearless with nothing to lose, Ant, Meka, and Mike embark on a ruthless, relentless road to riches. And all opposition is disposed of with no remorse.
But for every action there is a reaction, and the aftermath could find you when you least expect it. Especially when you鈥檙e willing to do鈥NYTHING 4 PROFIT.

Author, Justin 鈥淎men鈥?Floyd鈥檚 debut novel is a fast paced tale guaranteed to take readers on a riveting rollercoaster ride! Get lost in this action-packed story, and enjoy another Synergy Publications 鈥?br />

Book Description
Publication Date: April 25, 2012
Anything for Profit 2:
Nothing to Lose
Ruthless best friends Mike, Ant D and his twin sister Meka are at it again! Still willing to do 鈥淎nything for Profit,鈥?the trio is back鈥?with a vengeance. This violent, action packed, emotionally charged sequel picks up right where the first 鈥淎FP鈥?left off; with a resounding BANG!
As a brutal drug war rages between M.B.M. (Money By any Means) and the Mexican Mafia for control over the lucrative southeastern drug market, the three friends find themselves forced to face some serious situations that will alter their lives forever. Dark secrets will be revealed, loyalties tested and lives lost. Will the fast life finally finish them? Delve into this brutally honest tale about the harsh realities of life at the bottom and find out.
Brace yourselves as author Justin 鈥淎men鈥?Floyd takes you inside a sordid world where many have Nothing to Lose. This is no f*cking fairytale, ladies and gentlemen. This is the truth; the closest you will get to the streets鈥?without actually being in them. Anything for Profit 2 is street lit at its absolute best!

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