Animal Rights Animal Ethics - eBook Collection - 1.0 Oct 2013 - Various Authors
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Animal Rights Animal Ethics - eBook Collection - 1.0 Oct 2013 - Various Authors

Written by Various Authors
Edition: 1.0
Format(s): EPUB MOBI PDF
Language: English

Nice Collection of Animal Rights - Animal Ethics Ebooks.

This is the First Version of the Collection. Will Update when new books arrive.

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Animals in Translation - Temple Grandin (2005).pdf 266.44 MBs
Animals and Their Moral Standing - Stephen R.L. Clark (1997).pdf 30.5 MBs
Dogs Never Lie About Love - Jeffrey Masson (1997).pdf 25.77 MBs
Readings in Animal Cognition - Mark Bekoff Dale Jamieson (1996).pdf 22.34 MBs
Minds of Their Own_Thinking and Awareness in Animals - Lesley J. Rogers (1997).pdf 17.19 MBs
Animal Rights Political and Social Change in Britain since 1800 - Hilda Kean (1998).pdf 14.96 MBs
Philosophy and Animal Life (2008).pdf 14.56 MBs
Compassion, by the Pound The Economics of Farm Animal Welfare - F. Bailey Norwood (2011).pdf 13.72 MBs
Animal Rights_A Subject Guide, Bibliography, and Internet Companion - John Kistler (2000).pdf 13.52 MBs
Good Natured - The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals - Frans De Waal (1996).pdf 9.73 MBs
A Communion of Subjects_Animals in Religion, Science and Ethics - Waldau & Patton (2006).pdf 9.71 MBs
Animal Rights, Human Wrongs - Tom Regan (2003).pdf 8.64 MBs
Children and Animals_Exploring the Roots of Kindness and Cruelty - Frank R. Ascione (2005).pdf 8.5 MBs
Animal Rights Moral Theory and Practice - Mark Rowlands (1998 2009).pdf 8.49 MBs
Animal Play_Evolutionary, Comparative, and Ecological Perspectives (1998).pdf 8.46 MBs
Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare 2 volumes - Marc Bekoff (2009).pdf 6.84 MBs
Why We Love Dogs Eat Pigs and Wear Cows An Introduction to Carnism - Melanie Joy (2010).pdf 6.7 MBs
Of Jews and Animals - Andrew Benjamin (2010).pdf 6.66 MBs
The Food Revolution by John Robbins and Dean Ornish (2011) pdf.pdf 5.61 MBs
Zoos and Animal Welfare - Christine Van Tuyl Editor (2008).pdf 5.06 MBs
Striking at the Roots - A Practical Guide to Animal Activism - Stephen Hawthorne (2008).epub 5.03 MBs
Animals Rights - Henry Salt (1892).pdf 5.01 MBs
Primates and Philosophers_How Morality Evolved Frans De Waal (2006).pdf 4.91 MBs
Making A Killing The Political Economy of Animal Rights - Bob Torres (2007).pdf 4.79 MBs
Animal Rights - Kevin Hile (Point Counterpoint) (2004).pdf 4.53 MBs
The Horses We Have, The Lessons We Learn - Tena Bastian (2007).pdf 4.5 MBs
Sexual Politics of Meat A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory - Carol Adams (20th Anniversary Edition).pdf 4.27 MBs
Today's Freaks An A to Z of How Farm Animals Live and Die - Sue Cross (2011).pdf 3.96 MBs
Animal Liberation - Peter Singer (1975 2002).pdf 3.85 MBs
Animals and Agency_An Interdisciplinary Exploration (2009).pdf 3.65 MBs
Animal Rights Current Debates and New Directions - Cass R. Sunstein Martha C. Nussbaum (2004).pdf 3.61 MBs
Animals Ethics and Trade_ The Challenge of Animal Sentience - Jacky Turner (Ed) Joyce D'Silva (Ed) (2006).pdf 3.57 MBs
The Food Revolution by John Robbins and Dean Ornish (2011) 3.47 MBs
In Search of Consistency_Ethics and Animals - Lisa Kemmerer (2006).pdf 3.26 MBs
Animal Pragmatism_ Rethinking Human-Nonhuman Relationships - Erin McKenna, Erin McKenna, Andrew Light (2004).pdf 3.21 MBs
Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare - Marc Bekoff (1998).pdf 2.91 MBs
Animal Subjects_An ethical reader in a posthuman world - Jodey Castricano Ed (2008).pdf 2.88 MBs
The Age of Empathy Nature Lessons for a Kinder Society - Frans De Waal (2010).epub 2.8 MBs
The Food Revolution by John Robbins and Dean Ornish (2011) epub.epub 2.79 MBs
Forks Over Knives - Gene Stone (2011).pdf 2.79 MBs
The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments - Andrew Knight (2011).pdf 2.33 MBs
Becoming Animal - An Earthly Cosmology - David Abram (2010).epub 2.22 MBs
How Animals Grieve - King, B.J. (2013).epub 2.11 MBs
In Defense of Animals_The Second Wave (ed) Peter Singer (2006) pdf.pdf 2.03 MBs
Veganomicon - The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook - Isa Chandra Moskowitz (2007).epub 2.02 MBs
Nonviolence The History of a Dangerous Idea - Mark Kurlansky (2008).epub 2 MBs
Eating Animals - Jonathan Safran Foer(2009).pdf 2 MBs
Animal Rights (Revised Edition) Lisa Yount (2008).pdf 1.99 MBs
The Welfare of Animals The Silent Majority - Clive Phillips (2009).pdf 1.91 MBs
The Welfare of Animals Clive Phillips Ed (2009).pdf 1.91 MBs
Law Relating To Animals - Brooman Legge, Simon Brooman, Debbie Legge (1997).pdf 1.85 MBs
The Animal Question_Why Nonhuman Animals Deserve Human Rights - Paola Cavaleri (OUP 2001).pdf 1.85 MBs
Vegan for Life - Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet - Jack Norris, Virginia Messina (2011).pdf 1.79 MBs
The Sciences of Animal Welfare - David Mellor, Emily Patterson-Kane, Kevin J. Stafford (2009).pdf 1.78 MBs
How to Do Animal Rights - Ben Isacat (2013).pdf 1.68 MBs
The Animal Liberation Front - A Political and Philosophical Analysis - Steven Best (2011).epub 1.67 MBs
Against Liberation_Putting Animals in Perspective - Michael P.T. Leahy (1991).pdf 1.59 MBs
Animal Welfare Limping Towards Eden John Webster (UFAW Animal Welfare) (2005).pdf 1.44 MBs
Putting the Horse before Descartes My Lifes Work on Behalf of Animals - Bernard Rollin (2011).pdf 1.36 MBs
Inside of a Dog What Dogs See, Smell, and Know Alexandra Horowitz (2009).pdf 1.35 MBs
Confronting Animal Abuse Law Criminology, and Human-Animal Relationships - Piers Beirne (2009).pdf 1.33 MBs
Animal Welfare_Competing Conceptions and Their Ethical Implications - Richard P. Haynes.pdf 1.32 MBs
Animal Kind_What We Owe to Animals - Jean Kazez (2010).pdf 1.29 MBs
The Way We Eat Why Our Food Choices Matter - Peter Singer Jim Mason (2006).epub 1.25 MBs
Attitudes to Animals_Views in Animal Welfare Francine L. Dolins Ed (1999).pdf 1.21 MBs
Vegan Freak Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World - Bob Torres Jenna Torres (2010).pdf 1.16 MBs
Prison Chickens Poisoned Eggs - Dr. Karen Davis (1996).pdf 1.15 MBs
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - Kingsolver Barbara (2008).epub 1.15 MBs
Vegan - the new ethics of eating - Erik Marcus (2000).pdf 1.09 MBs
New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond - Marc D. Hauser, Fiery Cushman-People, Property, or Pets (2006).pdf 1.07 MBs
Do Animals Have Rights - Alison Hills (2005).pdf 1.07 MBs
The Philosophy of Animal Minds - Robert Lurz (CUP 2009).pdf 1.05 MBs
World Peace Diet - Dr Will Tuttle (2005).pdf 1.04 MBs
The Vegan Sourcebook - Joanne Stepaniak (2000).pdf 1.01 MBs
Animals Property & The Law - Gary Francione (Ethics And Action) (1995).pdf 959.18 KBs
Animal Liberation and Social Revolution - A Vegan Perspective on Anarchism (1997).pdf 957.21 KBs
Confronting Cruelty_Moral Orthodoxy and the Challenge of the Animal Rights Movement - Lyle Munro (2005).pdf 879.23 KBs
Confronting Cruelty. Moral Orthodoxy And The Challenge Of The Animal Rights Movement - Lyle Munro (2005).pdf 874.67 KBs
Moral Status_Obligations to Persons and Other Living Things - Mary Anne Warren (OUP 1997).pdf 852.55 KBs
The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore - Hale Benjamin (2008).mobi 826.24 KBs
Animal Rights and Moral Philosophy (2005) - Julian H. Franklin.pdf 813.37 KBs
Ethics and the Beast - Tzachi Zamir (2007).pdf 802.32 KBs
The Bond - Our Kinship with Animals Our Call to Defend Them - Wayne Pacelle.epub 745.4 KBs
Animal Spy_Animal Welfare Behind Enemy Lines - Terry Spamer Gordon Thorburn (2007).pdf 737.38 KBs
Animal Rights_A Reference Handbook - Clifford Sherry (2009).pdf 735.89 KBs
Animal and Human Health and Welfare A Comparitive Philosophical Analysis (2006).pdf 702.84 KBs
Animal Factory - David Kirby (2010).epub 699.49 KBs
Just a Dog - Understanding Animal Cruelty and Ourselves - Arluke Arnold (2006).pdf 663.45 KBs
Animal Experimentation_A Guide to the Issue (2009).pdf 662.81 KBs
Animal Rights And Wrongs - Roger Scruton (2006).pdf 587.16 KBs
The Animal Manifesto Six Reasons for Expanding Our Compassion Footprint - Mark Bekoff (2010) 524.27 KBs
Education for Animal Welfare-Springer - Edward N. Eadie (2011).pdf 488.77 KBs
Global Benefits of Eating Less Meat - Compassion in World Farming Trust (2004).pdf 470.8 KBs
Some We Love Some We Hate Some We Eat - Hal Herzog (2011).epub 431.47 KBs
Ape House - Sara Gruen.epub 391.43 KBs
Apocalypse Cow - Michael Logan (2012).epub 365.76 KBs
The Animal Manifesto Six Reasons for Expanding Our Compassion Footprint - Mark Bekoff (2010) pdf.pdf 327.54 KBs
The Lives of Animals - J.M.Coetzee (1997).pdf 326.73 KBs
Green Is the New Red - Will Potter (2011).epub 325.49 KBs
In Defense of Animals_The Second Wave (ed) Peter Singer (2006) epub.epub 324.92 KBs
Doctrine of Demons- Attacks on Animal Advocacy - John Sorenson.pdf 266.81 KBs
Animals Make Us Human Creating the Best Life for Animals - Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson (2009).epub 261.16 KBs
Through animal eyes What Behaviour Tells Us (2006).pdf 116.29 KBs
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