Ainsley Abbott Collection - Ainsley Abbott
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Ainsley Abbott Collection - Ainsley Abbott

Written by Ainsley Abbott
Language: English

Catey's Capture
When a troop of Yankee soldiers invades her Louisiana plantation home, Catey Allendale must face them alone. With her parents dead and her two brothers off fighting the war, Catey orders her younger sister, Sarah, to flee. Armed with only her father's ancient musket, she confronts the men alone, hoping once they realize Allendale plantation has nothing to offer, they'll move on.

But handsome, hazel-eyed Lieutenant Jess Granger knows how his sadistic commanding officer treats Confederate women. This dark-haired, delicate beauty will have no chance once Leroy Clemens arrives. If Jess claims the girl first, he might be able to protect her from the lustful whims of Clemens and the others.

Catey realizes Granger's plan is her only real hope of survival. She has no choice but to surrender herself to Jess, who surprises her with exquisite sensual delights. Jess may have captured her body, but will her Yankee lover ever truly capture her Rebel heart?

Reader Advisory: This book contains a forced seduction scene.

Jemimah's Genie
The promised toast Jemimah Murphy offered her deceased grandmother was one she鈥檇 never forget. As her great-great-grandmother鈥檚 homemade elderberry wine trickled down her throat, a poof and flash sent her reeling and the most delectable man she鈥檇 ever seen suddenly appeared. Brian, she discovered to her utter amazement and delight, was her personal genie.

Brian鈥檚 reason for existence was to pleasure Jemi and fulfill her deepest sexual desires. His fiery lovemaking introduced her to passionate, sensual experiences she鈥檇 never believed possible.

But the magical wine diminished each time Jemi summoned her lover, and both Brian and Jemi knew their perfect fantasy would inevitably have to end. Unless鈥?/p>

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