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Abby Blake  Collection - Abby Blake

Written by Abby Blake
Language: English

A Bride for Eight Brothers Series 1-6, (This series of books are NOT stand alone. I have listed them in the correct reading order Pdf format
Mikayla鈥檚 Men, Book 1
Word Count: 30,454, Sci-Fi M茅nage, F/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, BDSM
Mikayla believed the wrong man and found herself stranded on a planet a long way from home. Faced with starvation or prostitution, she chooses to survive, but things don鈥檛 go quite the way she expected. Matt, John, Peter, Ryan, Ty, Lachlan and Brock have a small problem. She鈥檚 a beautiful, talented, kind and incredibly sexy woman snowed in with them for the winter. But she is also a victim and in need of their help. Refusing to use her as the prostitute they paid for, they manage to find enough work to keep her busy. But they hadn鈥檛 counted on Mikayla actually wanting to fulfill the terms of her contract鈥nowed in for the winter with seven sexy brothers, can Mikayla live a fantasy without losing her heart?
Sweet Captivation, Book 2
Word Count: 24,349, Sci-Fi M茅nage Romance, F/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M
Unable to return to the ice planet due to her pregnancy, Mikayla is left on Earth with Lachlan while the rest of her husbands complete their contract. But an unexpected midnight visitor causes concern. He's injured, frightened and offensive, but he's also Matt's twin brother, Bryce. When Brock is injured and stranded at the bottom of a snow crevice, Lachlan is called back to the ice planet to help rescue his brother. He has no choice but to leave his wife's safety in the hands of a man he barely knows. But when trouble comes looking for Bryce, will Mikayla end up in the line of fire?
Wild Fascination, Book 3
Word Count: 24,459, Sci-Fi M茅nage, F/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, BDSM
A woman from Peter's past is back to stir up trouble, so Ryan and Ty take their wife to Earth for a quick holiday. When Mikayla learns of the legal action against Peter, she insists on standing beside her man. Trouble is, that's exactly where Peter's ex-fianc茅e wants her. Meanwhile, Lachlan, Brock, John, Matt, and Bryce are setting up the research base on a new, uninhabited planet. But there's something strange about this place, and it only gets worse when Mikayla arrives. Can they identify the source of the problem before their fascination becomes a danger to the woman they all love?
Keen Inclination, Book 4
Word Count: 23,387, Sci-Fi M茅nage, F/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, light BDSM
Mikayla鈥檚 men are keen to start their family, but when things go wrong, can Mikayla really keep eight husbands happy? Feeling sad and rundown, and trying desperately to hide it from her men, Mikayla is glad to have some time on Earth with her best friend, Tracey. Her husbands Brock and John travel with her, but their concerns ratchet higher when they overhear her conversation.With the news of the mouse tears aphrodisiac properties somehow leaked to the public, the jungle planet is now being raided on a daily basis. Lachlan and Bryce are spending more time rescuing raiders from their own stupidity than getting geological surveys done and are starting to wonder if this contract is even worth the effort. To make matters worse, Peter's ex-fianc茅e is stirring up trouble again, and it seems someone on the jungle planet has an unusual plan for a couple of Mikayla's men.
Hot Inspiration, Book 5
Word Count: 24,586, Sci-Fi M茅nage, F/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, BDSM
Mikayla and her husbands鈥?new contract is on a desert planet that already has a small, well-established colony, and Mikayla is eager to sample the local markets. Despite the beautiful landscape, varied wildlife and sensually inspiring heat, things don鈥檛 seem quite right. Polygamy is legal for both sexes, but it seems that only the men in this community have multiple partners. Determined to protect their wife, Mikayla鈥檚 husbands try to limit her exposure to the local culture. However, Bryce needs his leg fixed, so Mikayla and Matt finally convince him to get the surgery done. But while waiting for his brother to wake up, Lachlan witnesses a vicious assault on a young woman and steps in to help. Unfortunately, his act of compassion leaves him a target for the more fanatical occupants of this planet. Will protecting a stranger cost Mikayla and her husbands more than they鈥檙e willing to pay?
Mikayla鈥檚 Family, Book 6
Word Count: 23,07, Sci-Fi M茅nage, F/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, BDSM
Mikayla and her men are relaxed and trying to start their family. The farm on Earth is proving to be a challenge they all enjoy, but their idyllic existence is interrupted by a threat from Mikayla鈥檚 past. Jet Killarney has been released from prison pending a retrial on his involvement in human trafficking, and the suspicious loss of Mikayla and Tracey鈥檚 recorded testimonies has everyone on edge. Expecting that Jet鈥檚 next move will be to attack Mikayla and Tracey, their husbands move both families into the research station, now parked behind the farm house. But as the waiting grows longer and the threat seems nonexistent, can Mikayla鈥檚 husbands distract her enough to keep them all safe and happy?

Pup Squad Alpha 1 Series, Books 1-4. (This series can be read out of order, but I recommend reading in order as I have listed them) Epub format
Vampire鈥檚 Witness, Book 1
Word Count: 25,700, Paranormal M茅nage, M/F/M, vampires, spanking
Skye Hastings was content with her life. It was predictable and maybe a little dull, but she was happy to go with the flow and not ask for more鈥攗ntil she witnessed a brutal murder. Now she wants answers. As elite members of the Paranormal Undercover Protection squad, Benjamin Carrington and Samuel Eldridge are quite happy. Okay, life isn't exactly one long party, but they get the job done and they know the people they're protecting are better off not knowing what goes on around them. But when they find Skye dying, the only survivor of a brutal attack, it's a single decision that changes all of their lives. Thrown into a world she doesn't understand, surrounded by creatures that aren't supposed to exist, Skye finds herself clinging to the men who saved her. But can she trust her emotions when the rest of her world is dissolving?
Demon鈥檚 Embrace, Book 2
Word Count: 22,436, Paranormal M茅nage, M/F/M, vampires
Kali Jenkins was just an ordinary, boring, working-from-home proofreader still hiding from her latest romantic disaster. At least, she was until something paranormal came to kill her. Ronan Deeks hasn't been able to get Kali out of his mind. Their one-and-only date had been a complete train wreck, but when her brother rings asking for help, Ronan knows he'll do anything to protect her. When he learns the threat is paranormal, he calls in the one man he knows he can trust over all others, Alex Clements. Alex, a long-time member of PUP Squad Alpha, usually isn't attracted to humans, but the confident and sassy redhead seems to be the exception. It's obvious that Ronan has feelings for her, but maybe there's room in Kali's life for both of them. But their happiness could be short-lived if they can't save the woman from an invincible assassin.
Demon鈥檚 Fire, Book 3
Word Count: 22,591, Paranormal M茅nage, M/F/M, light BDSM
Ava Seeton was just an ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill high school teacher. Fighting assassins in her living room wasn't supposed to be a skill she would need.Nathan Hindle and Brody Carmichael have known each other for years. When they're assigned to protect the same young human, Nathan is sure that between the two of them they will succeed. What he hadn't planned on was for them both to fall for the pretty teacher. Brody comes from a long line of bigots. He doesn't subscribe to the family belief, but he knows getting involved with anyone outside his species is probably a bad idea. Of course, with his family being estranged, it shouldn't matter what they think. But with unstoppable assassins on one side, growing love on the other, and an unexpected surprise in the middle, it may take far more than Brody and Nathan imagined to keep their woman safe.
Bear鈥檚 Claim, Book 4
Word Count: 22,044, Paranormal M茅nage, M/F/M, shape-shifters, light BDSM
Hannah Long is suddenly afraid of children. She doesn't know why. She doesn't know how. She only knows she has to run. Even when she has to leave the man of her dreams behind. Eric Johansen is a bear-shifter and Hannah's mate. He hasn't told her yet because she's only twenty-seven and human. When she goes missing he regrets waiting patiently and wants his mate in his arms, right now! West Rindell, a dedicated member of PUP Squad Alpha, wasn't looking for a mate. He was just trying to do his job and find the missing Oracle's receptacle. But sparks fly when he discovers they are one and the same. The fact that sweet Hannah has a submissive streak just makes things way more interesting. But if they can't stop the group of assassins on her trail, the future her bear-shifters want could end before it truly gets started.

Altered Destinies Series, Books 1-6 (This series can be read out of order, but I recommend reading in order as I have listed them) Pdf & Epub format
Lost, Book 1
Word Count: 24,745, Paranormal M茅nage, M/F/M, light bondage
Theresa is trying to live a quiet life and stay out of everyone's way, but her growing anxiety attacks are becoming harder and harder to ignore. Abandoned as a child, she's spent most of her life hiding how different she is from everyone else. Caleb and Ethan are agents working for a specialized branch of the government that deals with unusual problems. While on assignment to track down and apprehend a dangerous terrorist, their mission suddenly changes when the guy they're chasing abducts a woman with unusual skills鈥攕kills she knows nothing about. But when Caleb and Ethan manage to rescue her, they both discover an undeniable attraction to the feisty but frightened woman. When their mission turns deadly and they find themselves unable to identify friend from foe, Caleb, Ethan and Theresa find they must rely on each other. Will one wrong decision cost them everything?
Runner, Book 2
Word Count: 21,569, Paranormal M茅nage, M/F/M, light BDSM
Dana Michaels knew from a very early age that something about her was different. After an abduction attempt a few years ago, she understands just how different she really is. Now she lives her life on the run, ready to up and leave at a moment's notice.Peter Nash is just trying to do his job, but when he meets the person he is assigned to protect he discovers Dana is the woman he and his brother, John, have been waiting for. Dinner leads to an undeniable attraction, an attraction that becomes overwhelming when Dana discovers that empaths can also have a link to each other's sexual desire. Terrified by the instant emotional connection, Dana wants to run, but when Peter and John's sister is mistaken for Dana and abducted, Dana must choose between the life she's always lived or the future she never expected.
Hidden, Book 3 (PRC Format)
Word Count: 22,725, Paranormal M茅nage, M/F/M
Alana wakes to find herself handcuffed to an old bed in a hunting cabin in the middle of nowhere. After six years of being held against her will and subjected to horrifying experiments she's learned to deal with almost anything. Gabe and Rafe, twin brothers working as special agents, have been given an unusual assignment. Locate and rescue a woman who was handcuffed to a bed three days ago. When they get there she is not only exhausted and injured but also completely pissed off and telekinetic. Alana has spent many years using the only currency she had to make her life better in captivity鈥攈er body. But, despite the attraction and rampant arousal she can sense coming from both men, they both turn her down time and time again. But Gabe and Rafe want more. Can they convince Alana they want her love as well as her body?
Stolen, Book 4
Word Count: 21,543, Paranormal M茅nage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M
Jason has been working undercover to try and rescue two of his sisters. He's never met them, but he knows that they were bred in an attempt to create superior humans. When he learns a young child was stolen from her mother, Dana鈥攁nother of Jason's sisters鈥攈e finds a way to return the baby to her family but blows his cover in the process. Cody and Bec have spent the past year trying to recover from bullet wounds sustained in the line of duty. Happy to be called back onto active duty, they manage to extricate Jason from his self-appointed undercover mission. But when they find Jason injured, without a place to stay or a way to support himself, they invite him into their lives and discover there is more to the man than even he knows. Can love and respect grow amid tragedy, fear, and unusual behavior?
Soldier, Book 5
Word Count: 24,698, Paranormal M茅nage, M/F/M, light BDSM, sex toys
Jenna is a soldier. From an early age, she's been told to try harder, work longer, and be stronger, so she can't explain the emotion that draws her to the operating theater where her twin girls died during an emergency Caesarean. But an overheard conversation leads her to believe that her girls are actually alive. She knows she has to find them.Zane and Rick are special agents for the government. They've been assigned to watch Jason's old apartment just in case Jenna returns. When Jenna actually turns up, she's suffering several bullet wounds. Desperately, they work to save her, unable to explain the instant emotional connection.When she finally recovers and Zane and Rick are tasked to protect her and her girls, can they convince a woman who has never known love that they want more than just a little fun?
Traitor, Book 6
Word Count: 36,847, Paranormal M茅nage a Trois, M/F/M, BDSM, public exhibition, spanking
Could the mind-blowing sex and incredible threesomes be clouding her judgment?Sandra loves her job. She gets to shut down the bad guys and rescue the innocent. She knows that she makes a difference to the world even if most of her work is classified.Yet, her priorities are flipped upside down when The Agency seems intent on punishing two men who have technically done nothing wrong. In fact, they鈥檇 both been instrumental in the capture of The Agency鈥檚 most wanted man鈥攖heir father. Davin and Darrick have no idea who to trust. Their physical attraction to the pretty blonde supposedly assigned to protect them is overwhelming, but, to Sandra, are they just another assignment? Suddenly on the run from both the good guys and the bad, can Sandra, Davin, and Darrick uncover the truth and somehow learn to trust each other?

Suddenly Series, 4 Books (Epub format)
Suddenly Bear
Word Count: 34,290, M茅nage a Quatre, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, light BDSM, spanking
Life sucked. Twenty-eight and alone was not in her life plan, yet there she was鈥攑athetic, sad, and falling for her sexy, gorgeous, five-years-younger roommate. But when Jayden saves her from her ex鈥檚 drunken attack, Violet can no longer hide her need for the man she loves. She allows herself only one hot, amazing, incredibly sexy night with him, but it wouldn鈥檛 be fair to hold on to the man. He has the world at his feet and she鈥檚 an ambitionless waitress. Yet it would seem that Jayden has a better idea鈥攕haring her with his brothers. Intrigued enough to get to know the other Delko brothers, Declan and Brandon, long distance, Violet is shocked to learn of their shifter status. Yet it鈥檚 not enough to make her walk away. But it鈥檚 the secret the brothers are keeping from her that just might destroy everything.
Suddenly Bear Too
Word Count: 32,371, M茅nage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, spanking
Ruby Rickardson has everything鈥攐r so most people think. The only daughter of ridiculously wealthy parents, she parties hard, she drinks a lot, and she has a tabloid reputation for being a wild child. Unfortunately, that image also makes her a target for every greedy lowlife on the planet. Nickolas, Levi, and Zeek Brockman are trying to live a quiet life. When they find a young woman suffering a drug overdose and dumped in the middle of the forest, they risk exposing their existence to save her. Yet saving her has a side effect鈥攊t makes her one of them鈥攕o discovering that she is mate to all three brothers is almost a welcome surprise. But a quiet life and massive media interest in Ruby鈥檚 disappearance simply don鈥檛 mix. And it sure doesn鈥檛 help that whoever tried to kill her wants to finish the job.
Suddenly Wolf
Word Count: 33,266, Paranormal M茅nage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves
No. No. And hell, no....There was no such thing as fate鈥r werewolves. Three testosterone-laden, alpha male types claimed she belonged to them? And that they were willing to share? Nope, couldn鈥檛 be happening. She must鈥檝e hit her head harder than she鈥檇 realized because something was clearly messing with her usually sensible thought processes. But how the hell could she explain the crazy way she heard their thoughts in her head? Or the inexplicable way her body reacted to them all even though they were absolutely not her type? Oh, and, yeah, the wild, blazingly hot dreams of foursomes? They totally sucked. So why then, when faced with a chance to reclaim her quiet life, was Andrea suddenly desperate to make Xavier, Daegan, and Isaac live up to their promise of forever?
Suddenly Wolf Too
Word Count: 37,084, Paranormal M茅nage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, spanking
Okay, time out! It was not appropriate for the sheriff鈥檚 deputy to be lusting after the mysterious stranger in town or the man鈥檚 brother, especially not when she was dating the sexiest man in the whole county, Cal Sanders. Confused, embarrassed, and completely unnerved by her out-of-control libido and nightly dreams of m茅nage a quatre, Louise tries to avoid all three men. But that might prove to be a fatal mistake.Aiden and Zeb have been tracking a rogue werewolf, but when they finally manage to corner the criminal in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, the local sheriff鈥檚 deputy is caught in the melee. Injured and bleeding, the only way to save her life is by making her one of them. But a certain wildlife expert, who also happens to be Louise鈥檚 current boyfriend, might have a thing or two to say on the matter.

Viper鈥檚 Dungeon Series, Book 1
Emma鈥檚 Education (pdf format)
Word Count: 41,804, BDSM M茅nage, M/F/M, public ex, voyeurism, whipping, flogging, sex toys
Emma didn鈥檛 even know something was missing until she found it. Terrified by her first taste of BDSM, Emma begins to learn the true meaning of submission when Jace and Logan intervene.Jace has finally reached a point in his life where he鈥檚 looking to build a future with that special someone. Emma, with her independent streak and natural submission, seems like the perfect woman for Jace. But Logan seems deeply affected by her, too. Logan is on forced medical leave from the Navy SEALs and he鈥檚 not happy about it. That is, until he and Jace rescue a frightened little sub from her obnoxious Dom. Logan can鈥檛 seem to walk away, even though it would be the best thing for Emma and Jace. But when they discover that her ex-boyfriend is actually a serial stalker, can they keep Emma safe while they teach her about her own needs?

Single Title
Fire (pdf format)
Word Count: 23,180, Contemporary M茅nage a Trois Romance, M/F/M
Jack and Reece have known Christina since high school, but she's never shown a preference for one or the other. Unwilling to risk destroying their lifelong friendship, neither man has confessed his feelings for her. Christina is the girl no one notices. At least that's what she thinks. She's in love with Reece and Jack, but they treat her only as a friend. Besides, apart from the fact that neither has romantic notions, she'd never be able to choose between them if they did. But a devastating bushfire and the tragic loss of their homes and many neighbors' highlights how precious life is and how important it is to grasp the happiness you want. The relationship that grows is one none of them had previously thought possible, but will it survive the condemnation of more conservative social conventions?

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Bride for 8 Brothers 5 - Hot Inspiration - Abby Blake.pdf 365.93 KBs
Bride for 8 Brothers 2 - Sweet Captivation - Abby Blake.pdf 363.25 KBs
Bride for 8 Brothers 3 - Wild Fascination - Abby Blake.pdf 357.74 KBs
Bride for 8 Brothers 6 - Mikaylas Family - Abby Blake.pdf 356.65 KBs
Bride for 8 Brothers 4 - Keen Inclination - Abby Blake.pdf 355.95 KBs
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