A world to win a rough guide to a future without global capitalism - Paul Feldman, Corinna Lotz
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A world to win a rough guide to a future without global capitalism - Paul Feldman, Corinna Lotz

Written by Paul Feldman, Corinna Lotz
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Language: English


A World to Win was formed in July 2005 at a launch conference in London. Our organisation runs on transparent, accountable lines and strives to involve all members in decision-making processes. We reject dogma and fixed assumptions about the world. Instead, we emphasise the need for a continuous development of our understanding of the contradictions that drive contemporary, capitalist society.

Our organisation is convinced that the grounds for a new society based on co-operation and mutuality, self-management and democratic ownership are present within globalised capitalist society. Alternative, democratic economic and political structures would:

use the abundance of products to alleviate poverty and need world-wide
allow humanity to protect the planet's eco-systems
release the potential of automation, reducing working hours substantially
overcome alienation of people from their work and from society as a whole
enable people to fulfil their potential and aspirations
make health and well-being the single dominant social objective.

A World to Win aims to inspire and give leadership to the movement against the consequences of global capitalism: growing inequality, poverty and starvation, ecological meltdown, war and authoritarian rule.

A World to Win believes that the existing state is undemocratic, unrepresentative and dominated by corporate interests. Our aim, therefore, is to build support for a transfer of political and economic power to the working majority in society.

We campaign for alternative democratic structures to the existing state. These will enable society to reorganise the economy along co-operative, not-for-profit, self-management lines.

We build AWTW along the lines that parallel the kind of society we advocate, making democratic use of the technologies developed under capitalism. We base ourselves on a group structure, reflecting priorities and interests decided by all members.

We strive to create a networked, non-hierarchical, interactive organisation. AWTW emphasises the importance of theoretical training and education as a guide to action.

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