A New Tune A Day for Acoustic Guitar Book 1 - John Blackwell
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A New Tune A Day for Acoustic Guitar Book 1 - John Blackwell

Written by John Blackwell
Format(s): PDF
Language: English

A New Tune A Day for Acoustic Guitar - Book 1
by John Blackwell
Boston Music Company | ISBN-10: 082563489X | 2006 | PDF/MP3 | 64 pages | 13.4/105 mb
Scanned/Ripped by me.

Since it first appeared in the 1930s, the concise, clear content of the best-selling A Tune A Day series

has revolutionised music-making in the classroom and the home.
Now, for the first time, C Paul Herfurth's original books have been completely rewritten with new music

and the latest in instrumental technique for a new generation of musicians. The A New Tune A Day books

have the same logical, gentle pace, and keen attention to detail, but with a host of innovations: the

inclusion of an audio CD - with actual performances and backing tracks-will make practice even more fun

and exciting, and the explanatory diagrams and photographs will help the student to achieve the perfect

technique and tone.

This book contains:
- Advice on equipment
- Instructions for an effective technique and a comfortable posture
- Explanatory section on reading music
- Easy-to-follow lessons on clear, uncluttered pages
- Audio CD with a virtuoso performance, backing tracks and audio examples
- Great music including duets
- Tests to check progress and comprehension
- Useful pull-out chart giving

Rudiments of music 4
Before you play 6
Lesson 1 8
Lesson 2 10
Lesson 3 14
Lesson 4 18
Lesson 5 22
Test for Lessons 1-5 27
Lesson 6 28
Lesson 7 31
Lesson 8 34
Lesson 9 36
Lesson 10 40
Test for Lessons 6-10 43
Lesson 11 44
Lesson 12 48
Lesson 13 52
Lesson 14 55
Lesson 15 59
Test for Lessons 11-15 63
CD track listing 64

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