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Tags: capitalism  Economy  exchange  Finance  Money  occupy  Politics 

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Money The Unauthorized Biography - Felix Martin

Seeds: 92
Peers: 9
Completed Downloads: 673
File Size: 3.87 MBs

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Tags: 3  epubs  Update 

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Epubs update 3 - Various

E book under: Education Ebooks 
Tags: Science in the Ancient World 

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Science in the Ancient World - Russell Lawson

Seeds: 85
Peers: 2
Completed Downloads: 459
File Size: 2.21 MBs

E book under: Other 
Tags: Minds and Gods 

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Minds and Gods - Todd Tremlin

Seeds: 58
Peers: 0
Completed Downloads: 655
File Size: 2.35 MBs

E book under: Science Ebooks 
Tags: Erosion of Civilizations 

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The Erosion of Civilizations - David R. Montgomery

Seeds: 34
Peers: 2
Completed Downloads: 577
File Size: 13.71 MBs

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