6-1-12 - Various
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6-1-12 - Various

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Madison's Choice (MF)
Le Club 5
By: Skye Michaels

Madison Snow returns to Ocala with her young son to take a job as assistant to the manager of the very private, luxurious BDSM club known as Le Club Laurel Oak鈥揙cala. Ross Hamilton, successful horse trainer, is in for a big surprise.

Ross and Madison had broken up almost nine years ago when Ross was still in college and Madison was an exercise rider at Eden Creek Farm, the Hamilton Thoroughbred breeding farm. The whole family gets involved when Robbie Hamilton discovers that Madison鈥檚 son, Nickie, looks exactly like a Hamilton.
Sparks fly when Ross finds out he has an eight-year-old son he knew nothing about! Can they work through the feelings of betrayal they both felt and forge a strong family?
Escape to the Border Lands (MFM)
Men of the Border Lands 8
By: Marla Monroe

When things get too dangerous where she lives, Rachael hitches her way to the Border Lands looking for a home. Jeremy and Micah find Rachael in a ditch, unconscious and wet. They take her home to look after her. When she wakes up, she is sure they are good men and contemplates staying with them.

Jeremy is ready and willing to give her a home forever, but will Micah get past the death of his wife and child to accept her in his heart? Is his bitterness permanent, or can he be saved? Jeremy wants to think so. Rachael is scared to believe.

Rachael is sure that she can love Jeremy. He鈥檚 kind and giving, but what about Micah? He doesn鈥檛 seem to want her love. He鈥檚 just fine with sharing his body and keeping her safe. Can she live with that, or will she keep looking somewhere else?

Angelique (MFMMM)
Orchidea: Love on the Bayou 1
By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Angelique Aubert owns her own lingerie store, 鈥淪ecret Pleasures.鈥?When shopping in New Orleans, she is harassed by four intoxicated men. A tall, handsome stranger and his brother, the sheriff, come to her rescue. She is instantly attracted to the two men but wary of their intentions. She is a survivor of an abusive relationship and doesn鈥檛 trust men, and her sisters are very overprotective of Angelique.

She meets the sheriff again and his three handsome, muscular brothers when she volunteers to help as they build a new community center for handicapped children. They make it obvious that all four brothers want her. She's heard of m茅nage relationships before, but her fear that history may repeat itself stops her from taking a chance. The sexual attraction between Angelique and the four men is unstoppable.
When trouble surrounds their construction company and accidents happen, Angelique is caught in the middle. Her men will do whatever they can to save her.

Illeanna (LoveXtreme)
Orchidea: Love on the Bayou 2
By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Illeanna Aubert is held at gunpoint by a killer. Rescued by two private investigators she knows very well along with federal agents, she tries to put the bad situation behind her. The Boudoux men are smothering her, and she鈥檚 not quite ready to face the attraction she鈥檚 had for years. She pushes them away, and it nearly costs her her life.

The Boudoux brothers, Julien, Louis, Franco, Gustave, and Johnny, are all in love with Illeanna. The problem is trying to convince her that she鈥檚 the one while her life is being threatened because of a case Louis and Julien are working on.

Protecting Illeanna becomes their sole purpose besides getting to know her better and working on their relationship. However, she鈥檚 now become a target and so have the Boudoux brothers as they work with the feds to figure out who wants them dead.

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