500 Kingdoms Series - Mercedes Lackey
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500 Kingdoms Series - Mercedes Lackey

Written by Mercedes Lackey
Series: 500 Kingdoms Series
Format(s): EPUB
Language: English

500 Kingdoms 01 鈥?The Fairy Godmother
Elena Klovis was supposed to be her kingdom's Cinderella -- the mistreated stepsister who fatefully falls in love with a prince, marries him, and lives happily ever after -- except that the prince is only a child! When Elena's stepmother and her two wicked stepsisters hastily leave town to escape debtors, she is left alone in the empty house to fend for herself. A 21-year old woman with no education, no money, and no hope of ever marrying a highborn man, Elena has only one option: to try to be hired as a servant. (At least she'll be paid for her hard work!) Then fate intervenes. She is taken on as an apprentice to a fairy godmother and is introduced to a life of magic and supernatural creatures.
Elena eventually becomes a fairy godmother herself and revels in helping steer people in the right direction. But when she helps three princes (one extremely handsome, by the way!) on a quest, will she let her emotions get in the way of her responsibilities? Readers who enjoy their fantasy mixed with a healthy dose of romance should check out The Fairy Godmother. Who says no one lives happily ever after? Paul Goat Allen

500 Kingdoms 02 鈥?One Good Knight
Traditionally, marauding dragons are soothed only by a virgin sacrifice. And so practical-minded Princess Andromeda -- with the encouragement of her mother's court -- reluctantly volunteers to do her duty, asking only for a sword to defend herself. Well, her offer is accepted, but the weapon isn't forthcoming, and so Andromeda faces the dragon alone. Until a Champion arrives to save her -- sort of. Sir George doesn't quite defeat the dragon, but as Andromeda finishes rescuing herself she discovers that beneath the Good Knight's well-meaning though inexperienced heroics lies a further tale . . .
Still, Andromeda can't leave her seacoast country in further jeopardy from the dragon's return, and so she and . . . er . . . George join to search for the dragon's lair. But even -- especially -- in the Five Hundred Kingdoms bucking with Tradition isn't easy. It takes the strongest of wills, more than a hint of stubbornness, quick thinking and a refusal to give up, no matter what happens along the way.
Somehow, though, none of this was taught in princess school . . .

500 Kingdoms 03 鈥?Fortune鈥檚 Fool
In the Five Hundred Kingdoms, never believe what your eyes tell you鈥?br /> The seventh daughter of the Sea King, Ekaterina is more than a pampered princess--she's also the family spy. Which makes her the perfect emissary to check out interesting happenings in the neighboring kingdom鈥nd nothing interests her more than Sasha, the seventh son of the king of Belrus. Ekaterina suspects he's far from the fool people think him. But before she can find out what lies beneath his facade, she is kidnapped!
Trapped in a castle at the mercy of a possessive Jinn, Ekaterina knows her chances of being found are slim. Now fortune, a fool and a paper bird are the only things she can count on--along with her own clever mind and intrepid heart.鈥?br />
500 Kingdoms 04 鈥?The Snow Queen
Aleksia, Queen of the Northern Lights, is mysterious, beautiful and widely known to have a heart of ice. No one would seek her wisdom except as a last resort. But when she's falsely accused of unleashing evil on nearby villages, she realizes there's an impostor out there far more heartless than she could ever be.
And when a young warrior following the Tradition disappears, leaving his sweetheart and mother to fear the worst, Aleksia's powers are needed as never before. Now, on a journey through a realm of perpetual winter, it will take all her skills, a mother's faith and a little magic to face down an enemy more formidable than any she has ever known..

500 Kingdoms 05 鈥?The Sleeping Beauty
Heavy is the head - and the eyelids - of the princess who wears the crown.
In Rosamund's realm, happiness hinges on a few simple beliefs:
- For every princess there's a prince.
- The king has ultimate power.
- Stepmothers should never be trusted.
- And bad things come to those who break with Tradition..
But when Rosa is pursued by a murderous huntsman and then captured by dwarves, her beliefs go up in smoke. Determined to escape and save her kingdom from imminent invasion, she agrees to become the guinea pig in one of her stepmother's risky incantations - thus falling into a deep, deep sleep. When awakened by a touchy-feely stranger, Rosa must choose between Tradition and her future.between a host of eligible princes and a handsome, fair-haired outsider. And learn the difference between being a princess and ruling as a queen.
The moral of the story? Sometimes a princess has to create her own happy endings...

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