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5-31-12 - Various

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Catch a Leopard by the Tail
Mildred Trent

Gavin is an ex-Navy seal panther shifter looking for the love he has denied himself his entire life because of his career.

Gabrielle has had to deal with men looking down on her because she is female regardless of the fact she has proven herself in the corporate world time and time again.

When the two meet, it is an explosion of 鈥榦h so right鈥?but an enemy wants to make it oh so wrong.
Will Gavin and Gabrielle be able to withstand the war waged by this enemy or will they lose what they鈥檝e found forever?

Unwanted Mate
The Edge
By: Rebecca Royce
For years, shapeshifter Gunther West has known Judy is his mate. His little human isn't so sure. When a tragedy brings her knocking on his door seeking comfort, Gunther is more than ready to provide it. Neither can deny the sparks that fly, but are those sparks enough for forever?

Bar Mate
The Edge Series

By: Rebecca Royce

Wolf-shifter Yvette Nelson is incredibly bored with her job as a waitress at Gunther鈥檚 Bar. Until one night, when a man she鈥檚 never met enters the place. He makes her wolf want to come out and play鈥攕he has to have him.

Stark just wanted a beer. But Yvette brings out yearnings in him he didn鈥檛 even know he had. Together, they鈥檒l find that letting go of inhibitions can open up all kinds of fun times, like a chance at forever.

Mate by the Music
The Edge

By: Rebecca Royce

A mission to find his brother sends Scott Quaid to Gunther鈥檚 Bar, but a storm has emptied the place of everyone except a beautiful shifter hot enough to dry his damp leathers.
Nancy Elwood has faced the worst of humans and shifters alike and has no intention of ever letting her guard down again, until a handsome biker sweeps in with the rain.

As background music throbs around them, a different type of vibration urges two strong souls to mate with animalistic passion.

Out of Place Mate
The Edge
By: Rebecca Royce

Sean Quaid鈥檚 brothers don鈥檛 think he is very shifter-friendly. He certainly does not seem happy that they have both married and haven鈥檛 been showing up to work. Victoria Bensen wants nothing more than to cool him down and get him to stop making such a scene at Gunther鈥檚 Bar.
When she drags him to the staging room at the back of the bar, she doesn鈥檛 know that it will be Sean bringing down her barriers, not the other way around.

Doctor's Orders (MF)
The Martinis and Chocolate Book Club 1
By: Lara Valentine

What if the man you had a crush on turned out to be a Dom? After an erotic romance book club meeting, divorced single parent Brianne Templeton accidentally finds out that her best friends are living the BDSM lifestyle. Considering their reading material, she isn't very shocked. She is very intrigued. Her buddy and crush, Dr. Nate Hart, has been dominating her fantasies for too long, and now he wants to dominate her for real. Determined to put her fears behind her, she begins a journey into love and submission with Nate as her guide.
But her ex-husband isn't done causing trouble. Used to depending only on herself, Brianne tries to handle everything alone. Nate knows they have no future unless Brianne can learn to trust him not only in the bedroom, but outside of it, too.

Taming Tamara
Night Runner Werewolves 4

By: Beverly Rae
Tamara Westland is one lady werewolf who knows what she wants and won't stop until she gets it. And what she wants is hunky Night Runner werewolf Nick Rogers. But until she can stop the advances of her pack's alpha male, she's stuck between two worlds.

Nick's hooked on the wild woman when Tamara runs him off the road and into the dirt. He's ready to claim her as his mate, but another werewolf has set his sights on her and isn't letting go. The two packs battle it out as Nick rushes to save Tamara from a life with the wrong man.

If Nick doesn't get to Tamara in time, she'll become another werewolf's mate, leaving Nick alone for the rest of his life.

Operation Mustang (MFMM)
The Service Club 3
By: Tonya Ramagos

Mustang Ducote craves the Rylon brothers鈥?touch. She can鈥檛 give in to her darkest desires or she鈥檒l lose everything. Now they鈥檙e on her ranch, and her attempts at resisting are failing. When danger strikes, she鈥檚 faced with two options鈥攆ull surrender or a Rylon brother retreat that鈥檒l take them out of her life forever.

As Navy SEALs, Diek and Gunner have been tested. But claiming Mustang proves tougher than any op they鈥檝e faced. It鈥檒l take all their training and focus to accomplish the mission that鈥檒l change their lives. But others are after her, too, and withdrawing might be the only way to keep her safe.

Lucky isn鈥檛 a SEAL, but he鈥檚 got an arsenal of toys saved for Mustang鈥檚 pleasure. Loving her is easy. Freeing the submissive vixen from the demons in her mind and those out to get her won鈥檛 be. But a lifetime of erotic passion is worth every obstacle tossed in the way.

Breathe (MF)
Running to Love 3

By: Allyson Young
Rowan Scott is the fantasy librarian. She wears tailored suits on the job, her hair restrained in the quintessential bun, and appears every inch the academic, except for the sexy lingerie hidden beneath her staid clothing. Rowan has discovered the world of erotica and is seeking to explore it and find her place.

She attends a meet and greet at a local club and meets Jace McEachern. Jace takes great pride in his ability to avoid commitment while bringing women the best sexual pleasure. He believes he has hit the mother lode in Rowan and is unmanned when she makes him lose his famed control. Rowan is confused and questions her own appeal because of Jace鈥檚 strange reaction.

They both run hard from the other, only to hide in the same place. It鈥檚 a fresh start and a love story that evolves, with a little kink, of course.
Sindra van Yssel's Blonde and Owner

Tall, blonde Susan has had it with short men, or men who think that because she's six feet tall she should be in charge of everything. So when her short date takes her to Excess, a BDSM club, without telling her where they're going, and then wants her to dominate him, she's thoroughly pissed off.

But the club intrigues her. Then she meets the club's former owner. Tall and handsome, he has no intention of letting her be in charge, or even letting her mouth off without a spanking. That's fine for an evening, but can they make it last for longer? A little kinky fun is one thing, but Vincent wants more, and she needs to find out just what he means when he says he wants to be her owner.

Darkest Wolf
Pleasure Bound

Some books from nsimone and elrose63702 also some interracial books are included there should be something for everyone.

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elrose63702 Weekends Required - A Danver's Novel - Landon, Sydney.pdf 972.19 KBs
Dalton-Tymber-Fire-and-Ice120320_0254.pdf 962.48 KBs
elrose63702 For Services Rendered - Kay, Patricia.pdf 919.71 KBs
MildredTrent__CatchaLeopardbytheTail.pdf 909.85 KBs
Darkest Wolf - Rebecca Royce.pdf 835.1 KBs
Family-Matters-The-Montgomery-Family-Chronicles.mobi 751.49 KBs
MatebytheMusic120405_1258.prc 747.26 KBs
BarMate120308_1025.prc 746.34 KBs
MatebytheMusic120405_1258.lit 730.74 KBs
BarMate120308_1025.lit 730.35 KBs
elrose63702 The Last Girl - Thomas, Kitty.pdf 704.33 KBs
OutofPlaceMate120419_0140.prc 672.04 KBs
OutofPlaceMate120419_0140.lit 655.76 KBs
SVY_BlondeandOwner.pdf 647.7 KBs
MateByTheMusicEPUB120405_1258.epub 647.55 KBs
BarMateEPUB120308_1025.epub 647.55 KBs
Saint-James-Elle-Unbridled-and-Unsaddled120426_0219.pdf 612.89 KBs
Saint-James-Elle-Unbridled-and-Unsaddled120426_0219.htm 605.78 KBs
MateByTheMusic120405_1258.pdf 601.69 KBs
OutofPlaceMateEPUB120419_0140.epub 592.33 KBs
BLF_Lane.pdf 581.72 KBs
UnwantedMate120223_0515.prc 569.72 KBs
BarMate-Royce120308_1026.pdf 565.11 KBs
PD_Malori.pdf 564.35 KBs
UnwantedMate120223_0515.lit 551.97 KBs
UnwantedMate-Royce120223_0515.pdf 550.37 KBs
OutOfPlaceMate120419_0140.pdf 542.1 KBs
UnwantedMateEPUB120223_0515.epub 524.06 KBs
PC_King.pdf 519.93 KBs
Ramagos-Tonya-Operation-Mustang120518_0232.htm 516.1 KBs
Dalton-Tymber-Fire-and-Ice120320_0254.html 515.77 KBs
HoneyIShrunktheWerewolf.pdf 515.61 KBs
On-Ice-Contemporary-Romantic-Thriller.mobi 513.96 KBs
Ramagos-Tonya-Operation-Mustang120518_0232.pdf 508.64 KBs
Dalton-Tymber-Fire-and-Ice120320_0254.prc 498.88 KBs
Soul Dancing - Brathwaite, Arlene.mobi 496.84 KBs
WH_Blue.pdf 489.72 KBs
nsimone Walking on Broken Glass - Allan_ Christa.epub 479.03 KBs
Rae-Beverly-Taming-Tamara120503_0333.pdf 476.21 KBs
thepleasuresofid.pdf 472.67 KBs
elrose63702 Omegas In Love - Nicholas, Annie.pdf 465.58 KBs
elrose63702 Not Planning on You (Danver's Book 2) - Landon, Sydney.mobi 462.54 KBs
Saint-James-Elle-Unbridled-and-Unsaddled120426_0219.epub 460.67 KBs
Young-Allyson-Breathe120518_0222.pdf 453.26 KBs
Ramagos-Tonya-Operation-Mustang120518_0232.epub 449.64 KBs
Rae-Beverly-Taming-Tamara120503_0332.epub 446.11 KBs
Valentine-Lara-Doctors-Orders120511_0323.epub 443.13 KBs
Valentine-Lara-Doctors-Orders120511_0323.pdf 438.5 KBs
Valentine-Lara-Doctors-Orders120511_0323.htm 411.22 KBs
nsimone The Slave Master's Son - Laveen_ Tiana.epub 400.19 KBs
Young-Allyson-Breathe120518_0222.epub 395.99 KBs
Kill-Shot-Romantic-Suspense.mobi 389.69 KBs
HoneyIShrunktheWerewolf.epub 372.69 KBs
Leather-Lace-and-Rock-n-Roll.mobi 364.26 KBs
Saint-James-Elle-Unbridled-and-Unsaddled120426_0219.prc 361.23 KBs
Dalton-Tymber-Fire-and-Ice120320_0254.epub 344.57 KBs
Ramagos-Tonya-Operation-Mustang120518_0231.prc 330.38 KBs
Seducing-an-Heiress-Cinderella-Heiresses.mobi 326.64 KBs
Young-Allyson-Breathe120518_0222.htm 322.88 KBs
Dalton-Tymber-Fire-and-Ice120320_0254.lit 318.79 KBs
elrose63702 For Services Rendered - Kay, Patricia.mobi 315.28 KBs
nsimone Fated_ Torn Apart by History, Bound for - McCray_ Carolyn.epub 312.71 KBs
elrose63702 Weekends Required - A Danver's Novel - Landon, Sydney.mobi 310.66 KBs
Claiming Shayla, Book 6 - Zena Wynn.epub 301.19 KBs
Valentine-Lara-Doctors-Orders120511_0323.prc 294.99 KBs
Pleasure Bound (Hard to Get 2) - Anne Rainey.epub 287.79 KBs
nsimone Deadly Games - Clark_ Jaycee.epub 279.87 KBs
elrose63702 Not Planning on You (Danver's Book 2) - Landon, Sydney.epub 273.1 KBs
Love-s-Everlasting-Song.mobi 258.13 KBs
elrose63702 The Last Girl - Thomas, Kitty.mobi 256.09 KBs
Rae-Beverly-Taming-Tamara120503_0333.htm 248.82 KBs
elrose63702 Weekends Required - A Danver's Novel - Landon, Sydney.epub 245.75 KBs
Young-Allyson-Breathe120518_0222.prc 244.77 KBs
nsimone Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - Jade_ Imari.epub 244.08 KBs
Rae-Beverly-Taming-Tamara120503_0332.prc 241.73 KBs
Saint-James-Elle-Unbridled-and-Unsaddled120426_0218.lit 234.13 KBs
Thwarting Cupid - Lori Crawford.epub 231.3 KBs
HoneyIShrunktheWerewolf.prc 217.54 KBs
Relentless.mobi 216.74 KBs
Ramagos-Tonya-Operation-Mustang120518_0231.lit 213.91 KBs
Valentine-Lara-Doctors-Orders120511_0323.lit 210.09 KBs
Path-of-the-Jaguar.mobi 199.21 KBs
Rae-Beverly-Taming-Tamara120503_0332.lit 189.38 KBs
elrose63702 For Services Rendered - Kay, Patricia.epub 183.52 KBs
Insomnia_ What happens when you can't sl - Patrese, Donnee.mobi 179.31 KBs
Young-Allyson-Breathe120518_0222.lit 178.68 KBs
elrose63702 Omegas In Love - Nicholas, Annie.mobi 177.86 KBs
Aaron's Fall - Vivian Rose Lee.epub 173.04 KBs
nsimone Tempted - Marion_ Elise.epub 155.82 KBs
Chemical-Reaction.mobi 148.41 KBs
Slightly Sinful - Yvette Hines.epub 147.03 KBs
elrose63702 The Last Girl - Thomas, Kitty.epub 144.72 KBs
MatebytheMusic120405_1258.lrf 144.49 KBs
HoneyIShrunktheWerewolf.zip 143.08 KBs
Scarlet and the Three Bears - Stacey Espino.mobi 142.93 KBs
BarMate120308_1025.lrf 142.34 KBs
PC_Eckford_wcover.pdf 136.39 KBs
nsimone Once Bitten, Forever Burned - Langlais_ Eve.epub 134.83 KBs
The Pirate Prince - Temple Hogan.epub 131.79 KBs
OutofPlaceMate120419_0140.lrf 131.67 KBs
Cornbread & Caviar - Empress Lablaque.epub 128.64 KBs
nsimone On The Edge - Hill_ Jamie.epub 125.7 KBs
Darkest Wolf - Rebecca Royce.epub 125.58 KBs
nsimone Sherry's Wolf - Barone_ Maddy.epub 123.69 KBs
elrose63702 Omegas In Love - Nicholas, Annie.epub 118.66 KBs
nsimone Fallen (Angels Among Us Book 1) - Marion_ Elise.epub 118.6 KBs
UnwantedMate120223_0515.lrf 115.94 KBs
Shara-Azod-s-Flavors-Spiced-Rum.mobi 110.79 KBs
The Vampire & the Reporter - Nia K. Foxx.epub 87.02 KBs
me-tyd-ttp-fireandice3120315_0402.jpg 86.59 KBs
x-brae-nrw-tamara3120430_0347.jpg 85.09 KBs
ec-lv-mc-doctors3120507_0144.jpg 81.8 KBs
tr-sc-mustang3120514_0326.jpg 71.05 KBs
ay-rtl-breathe3120511_0156.jpg 61.12 KBs
nsimone Shakin' It For Daddy - LeMar_ Tigra-Luna.epub 57.26 KBs
nsimone Don't Knock It. Till You Try It - Mumford_ Candace.epub 56.29 KBs
nsimone Chocolate Submission_White Domination - McIntyre_ MaKayla.epub 44.65 KBs
BarMate120308_1025.htm 43.19 KBs
UnwantedMate120223_0515.htm 43.19 KBs
MateByTheMusic120405_1257.htm 43 KBs
OutofPlaceMate120419_0140.htm 42.56 KBs
Shara-Azod-s-Flavors-Haba-ero-Cocoa.mobi 37.06 KBs
unwantedmate-are120223_0515.jpg 30.96 KBs
matebythemusic-200x300120405_1257.jpg 30.73 KBs
barmate-200x300120308_1023.jpg 30.71 KBs
outofplacemate-are120419_0139.jpg 30.37 KBs
SvY_BlondOwner_coverlg.jpg 20.84 KBs
chemical reaction.jpg 15.97 KBs
thepleasuresofid.jpg 15.35 KBs
Spiced Rum.jpg 15.19 KBs
Black Licorice Forever.jpg 13.39 KBs
Peaches and Cream.jpg 13.34 KBs
Pineapple Crush.jpg 13.08 KBs
Habanero Cocoa.jpg 12.42 KBs
Praline Dreams.jpg 12.38 KBs
Wasabi Heat.jpg 11.97 KBs
Shara-Azod-s-Flavors-Haba-ero-Cocoa.jpg 5.33 KBs
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