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 0   0 Animal Rights Animal Ethics - eBook Collection - 2.0 Jan 2014 - Various

Written by Various
Edition: 2.0 Jan 2014
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Nice Collection of 71 Animal Rights - Animal Ethics Ebooks. This is the 2nd collection of its kind, of Animal Rights ebooks.

Please enjoy and seed for others to enjoy.

The first of the collection is titled:
'Animal Rights Animal Ethics - eBook Collection - 1.0 Oct 2013'

1.0 has 104 ebooks in it. It should be active also.

Leave a Msg if you have any to add to it.

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C. Darwin The Expression of the Emotions in Man, Animals [orig. 1872] 2009.epub 26.88 MBs
Animal Oppression and Human Violence Domesecration, Capitalism, and Global Conflict - David A. Nibert (2013).epub 16.72 MBs
Veterinary Forensics- Animal Cruelty Investigations 2012.pdf 15.34 MBs
Arnold Arluke Brute Force Policing Animal Cruelty 2004.pdf 14.88 MBs
Minding Animals Awareness, Emotions, and Heart - Marc Bekoff, Jane Goodall (2002).pdf 14.01 MBs
Alternatives to Animal Testing- New Ways in the Biomedical Sciences, Trends and Progress, Second Edition 1994.pdf 13.64 MBs
John M. Kistler Animal Rights A Subject Guide, Bibliography, and Internet Companion 2000.pdf 13.52 MBs
Chicken The Dangerous Transformation of Americas Favorite Food Yale Agrarian Studies - Steve Striffler (2007).pdf 10.26 MBs
Alternatives to Animal Testing - R. E. Hester, R. M. Harrison (2006).pdf 9.65 MBs
Straw dogs- Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals - John Gray (2003).pdf 9 MBs
Gary E. Varner In Natures Interests Interests, Animal Rights, and Environmental Ethics Environmental Ethics and Science Policy Series 2002.pdf 8.83 MBs
Made for Each Other The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond - Meg Daley Olmert (2009).pdf 8.71 MBs
Improving farm animal welfare Science and society working together the Welfare Quality approach (2013).pdf 8.05 MBs
The Lucky Ones My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals - Jenny Brown (2012).epub 7.78 MBs
Antony Lishak Animal welfare 2008.pdf 7.65 MBs
Vegan History - John Davis (2012).pdf 7.61 MBs
Chaser unlocking the genius of the dog who knows a thousand words - John W Pilley Jr., Hilary Hinzmann (2013).epub 7.34 MBs
The Cognitive Animal Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives on Animal Cognition - Marc Bekoff, Colin Allen, Gordon M. Burghardt (2002).pdf 6.47 MBs
Making Soy Milk and Tofu at Home The Asian Tofu Guide to Block Tofu, Silken Tofu, Pressed Tofu, Yuba, and More - Andrea Nguyen (2013).epub 6.06 MBs
The Future of Animal Farming Renewing the Ancient Contract - Marian Stamp Dawkins, Roland Bonney, Peter Singer (2008).pdf 5.91 MBs
Gail Mack Animal Rights 2011.pdf 5.69 MBs
The Food Revolution by John Robbins and Dean Ornish - pdf (2010).pdf 5.61 MBs
Through Our Eyes Only The Search for Animal Consciousness - Marian Stamp Dawkins (1998).pdf 5.59 MBs
Deborah DeMoss Smith Reflections of the Heart What Our Animal Companions Tell Us 2004.pdf 5.23 MBs
D. R. Griffin (auth.), D. R. Griffin (eds.) Animal Mind — Human Mind- Report of the Dahlem Workshop on Animal Mind — Human Mind, Berlin 1981, March 22–27 1982.pdf 4.83 MBs
Clive Phillips (auth.) The Welfare of Animals- The Silent Majority 2009.pdf 4.62 MBs
Derrida Jacques The Animal That Therefore I Am .pdf 4.08 MBs
Aubrey Manning, James Serpell Animals and Human Society Changing Perspectives 1994.pdf 3.72 MBs
Ethics and the Beast A Speciesist Argument for Animal Liberation - Tzachi Zamir (2007).epub 3.63 MBs
Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore 3.52 MBs
The Food Revolution by John Robbins and Dean Ornish - mobi (2010).mobi 3.47 MBs
Replacing Animal Models- A Practical Guide to Creating and Using Culture-Based Biomimetic Alternatives 2012.pdf 3.34 MBs
Animal abuse - helping animals and people - Catherine Tiplady C.A.B. International (2013).pdf 3.3 MBs
Should We Eat Meat Evolution and Consequences of Modern Carnivory - Vaclav Smil (2013).epub 3.2 MBs
David Quammen Spillover Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic 2012.epub 3.13 MBs
In Meat We Trust An Unexpected History of Carnivore America - Maureen Ogle (2013).epub 3.12 MBs
Chris Blazina Güler Boyraz David S Shen-Miller The psychology of the human-animal bond - a resource for clinicians and researchers 2011.pdf 2.85 MBs
The Food Revolution by John Robbins and Dean Ornish - epub (2010).epub 2.79 MBs
Slaughterhouse The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry - Gail A. Eisnitz (2006).epub 2.38 MBs
Ragnhild Sollund Global Harms Ecological Crime and Speciesism 2009.pdf 2.37 MBs
David Fraser Understanding animal welfare the science in its cultural context 2008.pdf 2.35 MBs
When Elephants Weep The Emotional Lives of Animals - Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Susan McCarthy (1995).epub 2.25 MBs
Death at SeaWorld_ Shamu and the Dark Si - David Kirby (2013).pdf 2.22 MBs
Veterinary & Animal Ethics- Proceedings of the First International Conference on Veterinary and Animal Ethics, September 2011 2012.pdf 2.2 MBs
Physiology and Behaviour of Animal Suffering 2004.pdf 2.18 MBs
Environmental Enrichment for Captive Animals 2003.pdf 2.1 MBs
Carol Freeman, Elizabeth Leane, Yvette Watt Considering Animals 2011.pdf 2.06 MBs
How the Rigged Economics of the Meat and Dairy Industries Are Encouraging You to Consume Way More Than You Shouldand - David Robinson Simon Meatonomics (2013).epub 2.02 MBs
Wild Justice The Moral Lives of Animals - Marc Bekoff, Jessica Pierce (2010).pdf 2 MBs
Animal Rights Library in a Book - Lisa Yount (2007).pdf 1.99 MBs
How Animals Talk And Other Pleasant Studies of Birds and Beasts - William J. Long, Marc Bekoff, Rupert Sheldrake (2005).epub 1.91 MBs
Heritage of Care The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Marion S. Lane, Stephen L. Zawistowski (2007).pdf 1.86 MBs
Brooman Legge, Simon Brooman, Debbie Legge Law Relating To Animals 1997.pdf 1.85 MBs
Animal Welfare- Limping Towards Eden- A Practical Approach to Redressing the Problem of Our Dominion Over the Animals 2005.pdf 1.83 MBs
David Perkins Romanticism and animal rights 2007.pdf 1.44 MBs
Animalkind What We Owe to Animals - Jean Kazez (2010).pdf 1.39 MBs
Confronting Animal Abuse Law, Criminology, and Human-Animal Relationships - Piers Beirne (2009).pdf 1.33 MBs
Into Great Silence A Memoir of Discovery and Loss among Vanishing Orcas - Eva Saulitis (2013).epub 1.33 MBs
Paola Cavalieri The Animal Question Why Non-Human Animals Deserve Human Rights 2001.pdf 1.25 MBs
Anne Emmanuelle Berger, Marta Segarra Demenageries Thinking of Animals after Derrida 2011.pdf 1.1 MBs
auth., Richard P. Haynes eds. Animal Welfare Competing Conceptions and Their Ethical Implications 2008.pdf 1.09 MBs
Animals Property & The Law - Gary Francione (1995).pdf 959.18 KBs
Clifford J. Sherry Animal Rights Contemporary World Issues 2009.pdf 735.89 KBs
Dominion The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy - Matthew Scully (2003).epub 696.11 KBs
John Simons Animal Rights and the Politics of Literary Representation 2002.pdf 667.45 KBs
Animal Wise - Virginia Morell 644.98 KBs
Eco-Terrorism Radical Environmental and Animal Liberation Movements - Donald R. Liddick (2006).pdf 496.16 KBs
Clifford J. Sherry Animal rights a reference handbook 1994.epub 492.42 KBs
Animal Wise - Virginia Morell epub.epub 378.11 KBs
Daniel A. Dombrowski Hartshorne and the Metaphysics of Animal Rights (Suny Series in Philosophy) 1988.epub 350.1 KBs
Eat Like You Care An Examination of the Morality of Eating Animals - Gary Francione (2013).epub 157.48 KBs
AA List of ebooks in Animal Rights Animal Ethics 2.0.txt 6.89 KBs
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